Sunday, November 30, 2008

Whats Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

I'm a movie fanatic. Along with the reality shows I love to watch, there are quite a bit of movies I like to watch too. Here are only a few of my top 5 top Christmas Movies I like.

I know, I gues you say I'm to old to like "The Polar Express", but this cartoon movie is my all time favorite. When I watch this movie, it takes me back to when I was a little girl. On the movie while the children are traveling to meet Santa at the North Pole, the kids get a hot chocolate refreshment. Oh boy, do I love hot chocolate. I think this is a great movie of course for kids, but actually it's great for adults. It puts me in the mood of thinking about doing a Polar Express pajama party, just for us adult girls.

Filled with hot chocolate, chatter, encouragement and innocence. Who knows.

"Little Women", OMG-I mean this movie is like wisdom for life. The way Marmee gives her girls such wise and practical, deep invoking advice is such a treasure. I love this movie, because I see some of myself in Jo and Meg. These girls grew up in their own adult way of changing the world as good contributors in what they did and believed in.

"Christmas with the Kranks", that is such a hillarious movie. With Tim Allen trying to skip Christmas is actually impossible. It does make you think about the hustle and bustle, and what plans can you come up with to avoid that. This year I'm trying to make my Christmas more meaningful and simpler but enjoyable.

"Borrowed Hearts", well that is a movie about, believing in something that you want and never giving up, until it comes through. When something seems like only a dream, it can be much more by faith and prayer and it becomes a reality. Borrowed Hearts is a nice romantic movie and it gives you the encouragement to know that when you work hard at something you desire, you'll be rewarded with it.

My ultimately favorite movie, last but not least; "The Christmas Card". I'm a softee when it comes to romance, and this movie is so down to earth romantic. It's about this woman who sends Christmas cards to troops overseas. Her card happens to come along the path of this soldier who reads and keeps the card to help him through the tough times during the war. This soldier gets some time off after an incident happen. He actually goes to the hometown of the woman who sent the Christmas card. He meets her at church, but he doesn't let on who he is. He meets her father, gets to know the family and she still doesn't know who he is. She treats him cordial and all the while he's there with her, he falls in love with her. I'm going to put a plug in right there. I won't tell anymore, as not to spoil the movie for you. I tell you though, it's a great movie. One of my most favorite.

So check out one of those great Christmas movies, it'll certainly get you in the Christmas spirit. What are your favorite Christmas movies or cartoons? Has it been any life lessons you learned from them?

Oh yeah I forgot, the classical, "Christmas Carol". One of the best. Take care everybody and get those decorations out and recipes layed out. Christmas is coming.

Happy Holidays,

Treasure Ann


adozeneggs said...

I love the book Polar Express, but haven't seen the movie. I'll add it to our netflix list.
What about Christmas Vacation, Elf, and Home Alone?
All Classics (I think!!)
I love Elf, and Zoey Deschanel's singing is unbelievably beautiful in it.
And in Christmas Vacation my favorite scene is when they discover a squirrel living in the Christmas tree.
and Home Alone, is just silly and fun!

Treasure Ann said...

I agree, I love the Christmas vacation, and Home Alone. The part that got me is when Eddie showed up unannounce.

I haven't seen Elf yet, so I'll definitely check that out. Thanks for the tip.