Saturday, November 15, 2008

Where Is Everybody?

Alrighty, where is everybody? I guess things have gotten busy for most of us. What is it about me? Maybe it's my blog. Is it not interesting? I hope I haven't scared anybody. It's nice to see when blogs have a lot of people visit, but wow-what have I done?

I don't understand why I don't get much visitors like other blogs. Well, what can I say? It's been great. Until next time, enjoy life everyone.
God Bless.

Treasure Ann


fawndear said...

Where have I been? Good question. I think going crazy.

I'm so excited about getting holiday stuff done early so that I can relax in December, that I'm driving myself a bit bonkers now.

Your sparkles are in the mail. Hope they make it o.k.

adozeneggs said...

Sorry Harriett, I've been busy with holiday cookies, our new partnership, getting my house ready for a guest tomorrow, planning Thanksgiving and Christmas, and trying to keep up with all the blogs. I'm so sorry you're feeling neglected!

Charlie said...

omg!! don't feel like that! lulu and i love your blog! it was hard for us when we first started too. i think it helps if you comment on other people's posts on their blogs and then they go back to yours. that has worked for us!!! but we really enjoy reading yours :)

Treasure Ann said...

Ahhh, thanks Charlie, you and Lulu are so nice. Thanks ya'll. I don't know, I guess theres some things going on in my life that's been a struggle. But thanks guys for being here.