Monday, November 3, 2008

A New Hobby

I have buying scrapbooking supplies and paper because I want to begin a new hobby or new craft. Now I have all these materials and I have no idea where to start. I don't know how to scrapbook, but I figure I try it. I wonder if I have a problem. I guess you say what do I mean. Well everytime I see a something relating to craft via t.v., computer, or just some one elses work in person-I feel like I have to get the supplies and try it. The problem is, when I purchase the supplies it sits right in the bag or it doesn't get any further than my dining room table. I'll start on a project for a little while and then stop, and I hardly get back to it for a long time. I don't know, I buy these things on impulse just to buy it and I wonder if I may have attention deficit craft dis-order. Am I trying to fill something I'm missing and buying craft supplies to fill it? I need opinions and suggestions. I'm having a hard time focusing on one craft item at a time. I don't complete one project before I start on another. What is that? The only thing I probably would finish out of my crafting is completing crocheted projects like blankets or shawls.

Also can anyone give me tips on what I should start on first with the scrapbooking. for instance, should I start on cards, book marks, or just a simple scrapbook.

What should I do? Oh yeah, I'm still looking forward to those candy recipes. Thanks in advance for it.

Happy crafting & voting,

Treasure Ann


Dawn said...

I'm not sure how to help with your need to buy except to not allow yourself any new purchases until you finish one you already have. Avoid tv shopping programs. :) If you must buy, visit one of my sites. lol

As for your recent scrapbooking purchase, I recommend starting small with cards. A card will allow you the ability to "practice" and create something quickly. Instant gratification.

Good luck!


Treasure Ann said...

Thanks Dawn, that's a good idea to start small. I also agree, I will not purchase any more craft supply item until I work with and finish with the craft supply stash I already have.

adozeneggs said...

I swear I'll get you that recipe!
Also, I used to make lots of greeting cards my favorite store in Boston was Paper Source. They have a website and an ideas section.

Treasure Ann said...

Hehehe, thanks Laura. Do you still make your own cards? Maybe from time to time. Thanks for that website. I'm going to check it out. You are a persom with many talents. I didn't know you did cards, that's great. Seems like doing crafts keeps your mind at peace and it's a part of enjoying life and giving of yourself to other people through your creativity.