Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Give Away

Hi every body, it's another giveaway. Not me, but Peeptoe Pumps and Pearls is hosting a give away. In the above picture, is what you might win. She is doing this give away for the celebration of her 100th blog post. So go on over to and post a comment. Who knows, you may win those lovely pearls that she purchased from China. Give a shout out to me when you head over there, and let her know that I sent you. Much appreciation to you. You win, we both get to win. Thanks.

Don't forget everybody, pray for who will be our next president. Get out there and let your voice be heard. Go and vote. Next time my people and friends, I'll be blogging about what hand made gifts that I will be making for Christmas and I want to hear from you. What type of Christmas gifts are you going to make or buy for your family.

Also I'm going to be looking forward to hearing about what favorite time of the day you have, and why it's your favorite. That's my next post after the other one. So let those mind start thinking. Oh yeah by the way, I'm getting very frustrated with this camera. I still don't know how to use it or I'm not doing something right. Bare with me.

Take care everybody until next time.

Treasure Ann

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mis-spelled Word

I misspelled stumble. So if you see the word stuble
excuse the bad grammar. Thanks, o.k. scroll down to enter Monogram Chick's Give away.
Take care everybody and
Treasure Ann

Give Away, Give Away

Hi everybody, if you stubled across this blog. I have some last minute news for you. Monogram Chick is hosting a give away. Go on over to her blog and comment. The Give away closes tomorrow at 5 p.m. So tonight or anytime before 5 is your last chance. If you shoot on over to her, and you found out first here, give a shout out for me and tell her I sent you. Much appreciation to you all.

Happy crafting.

Treasure Ann

Some Of My Favorite Shows

H ey everybody, I thought I might give you some glimpse into some of the t.v. shows I really like. Actually they are mostly reality shows. Hehehe, yup, that's right reality t.v. OMG I'm a reality show junkie. "Hello my name is Harriett and I'm a reality show alcoholic." I mean what can I say, that's part of my entertainment. Now take Survivors for instance. By the way that's Jeff Probst up there the host of Survivors, sometimes I'd like to vote him out. Ha, just kidding. I love to see the contestants try to do something they never done before. It seems to bring out their real self, instead of a more reserve person. You really get to see peoples true personality out there, and their feelings towards certain individuals, such as race, religion, or other type of lifestyles. It's very interesting.

Now here's the other reality show I like. Now mind you these are just a few. I have a lot more of those shows to feed on. Like I said, I'm a reality t.v. show junkie. The Amazing Race, is a show of just really traveling. I like it though because I get to see the contestants interact with the locals and participate in other cultural experiences. This show also brings out the individual true personality of a person with their team members. Oh yeah there are 11 teams of 2. It could be a team of couples, mother/daughter, father/son or sister/sister and, well you got the picture. When I watch the Amazing Race-it usually tests the team members. It either helps them become strong and motivate to win, or the team members sometimes get on each other nerves. I notice that if they don't get along, it causes them to get behind, or actually a lot of the times eliminated. If they don't pull it together in time. I notice when they start to argue and disagree, they loose their head in the game, and that's it the focus of winning is gone. It's a really interesting show. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that the object of the game is as you travel from one place or country to another, there are AR clues along the way. some of those clues include what task you have to do along that leg of the race. You have to complete all task during that leg and do it in time to get to the pit stop of that leg and avoid being in last place. If you get there last, automatically as the host say's it, "I'm sorry your the last team to arrive, you both have been eliminated from the race." Then the team as myself to, get disappointed and have to discontinue in the race. Sometimes it's one of my favorite teams, but you know the race has to go on. So you see why these shows are my favorite. You can learn a lot from these reality shows, like how to survive in the JUNGLE, or learn how to book a flight (talking about Amazing Race ya'll). Also some more of my favorite, which is to many to name are Wife Swap, Big Brother-and The Chef Jeff Project. Really good show. A quick recap on the show is, this man who went prison selling drugs, was a cook in prison, got out of prison, someone took a chance on him, Chef Jeff became a professional chef. That's a long story very short, sorry there aren't to many details, but look him up on google-you might find some more information on him. So Chef Jeff, has this program with 6 people out of the hood that he is mentoring to have a shot in the restaurant business. These people have backgrounds of being on drugs, gangs, a very hard life, and Chef Jeff is giving them an opportunity to come up even morein their life. It's a great show and you really learn how, that if you can help change people's prospective of themselves in becoming more than what they think they are, you are able to transform their life for the better.

So what's your take on reality shows? What's your favorite and what do you get from it when you watch it? Tell me about it. I like to hear what you think. Oh and thanks for taking the time to hear me ramble on about these shows. Can you tell I like them?

Happy Crafting & Crocheting,

Treasure Ann

Friday, October 24, 2008

Recipes Available Anyone?

Hey anyone, does anybody have any type of candy recipe? I am very interesting in making some from scratch. I usually give out cookies for Christmas gifts, but I want to change things up. Mix and match so to speak. I wanna give out some home-made cookies and candy. Much appreciated ya'll.

Happy Crafting,

Treasure Ann

Join In!

Hi everybody, I'm copy catting. I just came back from and I got put onto something. A worthy cause, that will show our soldiers that we love them and want to encourage them. To do that it's all in your baking skills. While I could explain it for you, A Dozen Eggs explains it better. Go over to her site and link up with her blog, all info is there. Thanks L for putting me on this. This touches home with me, because I have a brother in the military. Love you C, know that I'm always praying for you and your family. Remember to keep our soldiers in your prayers and for a safe return home soon to their families. In the above picture is my brother. He's the one on theleft with glasses on. I've already joined the Baking GALS and I'm very excited about this cause. It gives me a chance to use my baking skills to send some love over to our soldiers. So join in at and bake for a worthy cause-the website will explain everything you need to know or you can link from A Dozen Eggs blog.

Happy crafting, crochetin, and this time baking.

Treasure Ann

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Good Book & A Magazine to Subscribe to-Within A Baking Relation

I'm looking for a good book. Anybody have any suggestions? I've finished reading quite a few and looking for something interesting. If you have any ideas or suggestions on a good book let me know I may check it out.

O.K. Now how about a good Craft/Baking magazine to subscribe to. If anybody know a good magazine in that category to subscribe to, link me up and I'm happy to check it out.
*Oh by the way how about that cook book A Dozen Eggs?
Hey everybody check her out, and you'll see why I'm bugging her about this cook book at This girl knows her stuff, very creative in her sugar cookies. Order some, and see for yourself.
Next post, I'm looking for some great ideas on Christmas gifts. Categories are: Baked, Crafts, and/or Bought gifts. Thanks readers, you all have become my distant friends.

Happy crafting & crocheting,
Treasure Ann

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hey sorry folks, I misspelled kinder in my post below, so please excuse that. After reading this, please scroll down and enjoy my venting out. I just had to get that out of my system. Being nice and not feeling respected is very frustrating. I know you all would understand that. But after reading that post, I wanna hear your take on what I'm talking about. Type in, or comment-I'm interested to know how do you deal with people like that.
Thanks Treasure Ann


Why do people sound so inconsiderate when talking to them on the phone? Not all mind you, just some. You are being just as polite as you can be, and from how it sounds in their voice-they sound like you did something bad to them. I'm like, well what is it? Everything going well for you? Your day o.k.? Did somebody made you MAD? Maybe your having some problems with personal life, I mean what? I didn't do anyting to you. Just being myself. I really don't understand people sometimes. Maybe that's life, maybe there will be times where we don't understand each other, or miscommunicate with one another, or maybe we give half the information and expect someone to fill in the blanks. We're not mind readers. The only one who can read minds is our good Lord above. so just a reminder, since He's the only one that can read minds, We have to speak up for the rest of us. By the way, thanks for doing that.
My thing is, can we be a little considerate in the way we answer people or respond to them. How about trying a more knider, loving approach or tone. Unless your having a hard time getting your point across. I still think you can do it with some sort of love even in a firm way. Where's the love? Where's the love? It's not a whole lot of effort to give it. Besides we'll feel better. What's your take on voice tone (consideration tones)? Have you been mistaken in sounding mean, when you truly haven't been? Or, how about, how you've been talked to? Was the person being mean or is that the way they normally sound? Maybe we just need to get to know the person better. I guess that's what life is about, learning from each other, and helping one another in our weaknesses.
Happy crafting & crocheting,
Treasure Ann
Oh yeah, spread the love, the God-kind of love.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Things Are Slow

Oh my goodness, to get a business off the ground is so hard. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but man, it's hard to. So much things to get right and tend to. I'm praying that the Lord would give some type of resource to get enough money to buy more supplies and materials without getting in debt. Oh God please help me. Any suggestions anyone on how to get some quick money, of course the legal way that is. Every idea, opinion and suggestions will be taking in all considerations.
Take care everyone and have a great week. I'll be posting reminders to about the Christmas Cookie Exchange. I'm ready for it. Are you?
Happy crafting & crocheting.
Treasure Ann (AKA Harriett)
Peace ya'll

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Picture With The Words

That's me in the corner. Not my best picture, but It'll do until I can upload, a better one.

You can't really see this item. But it's a crochet scarf. I'll have more and better pictures soon. This is my son, he's my coach in encouraging me when I'm down. I thank God for him. Well this is part of my life that I wanted to share with my bloggers. I also wanted to give Laura from A Dozen Eggs, a little about who I am. Putting a face with the words. O.K. more and much better pictures next time.

Happy crafting & crocheting,

Treasure Ann

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Contest Closed

Hi one and all, there wasn't a lot of response to the give-away, so I decide to close the contest. What I am going to do is give 2 people a complimentary gift for visiting and entering. So here are the winners: Fawn Dear and A Dozen Eggs. Congratulations!!! I'll be sending you both a crochet hat & scarf set and a jewelry item that I hand-made. Hope you both will like it. Send me your addresses via e-mail at Thanks you 2 for visiting. Maybe if things pick up I may do a Bloggers Christmas Gift Exchange. Now any bloggers that may come across my blog and want to use this idea before I may get a chance to do it, just let me know by a comment here. That way I can think of some other activity to do with the bloggers next time. Thanks. Alright, I'll talk to ya'll later.

O.k. winners, don't forget, drop your address on my e-mail (above), so I can get those prizes out to you.
Happy crafting & crocheting,
Treasure Ann

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Free Give Away

I almost forgot to tell you the contest is open until October 17-Friday. I'll announce the winners October 18-Saturday.

After reading this please scroll down to enter the free give away contest. Look forward to hearing from you.
Happy crafting & crocheting,
Treasure Ann

Free Stuff

O.K. I'll change this around. I really want to give someone 2 scarf & hat set with an elegant necklace that I hand-made. So if anyone happen to stumble across my blog, instead of answering the contest questions, just enter this give away by signing on and commenting telling me who is your most influential person in your life. Yes I am interested, because I like hearing about how someone contributed to you being the great person that you are. When you enter, I'll get all your names together and do a drawing. So please let me get to know you, stop by and say hello.
My most influential person in my life is my mother. She has always been there for me, bad and good. She would always encourage me not to give up even when I didn't felt like it. Love you mom, and God bless you.
Happy crafting & crocheting everyone
Treasure Ann

Monday, October 6, 2008

This May Help You With Your Decision

Hi folks, scroll down to watch the video, for more recaps about the Presidential Election. this may help you with your decision. Thanks for watching, and hope you got some more to think about while debating who you will vote for. Don't forget to tune in the 2nd Presidential Debate tomorrow Tuesday at 9:00 p.m.
Happy crafting, crocheting & voting in November,
Treasure Ann


Don't forget to vote on my blog. Below is a poll, I'm intrested in knowing who do you think will be the next president of the United States? You can vote by leaving a comment or scroll down below and vote on my blog poll. Thanks ya'll.

Happy crafting & crocheting,

Treasure Ann

Give Away Extended

Well everybody, I've decided to extend the contest give away until October 13, 2008/Monday. The contest will close 12:00 a.m. midnight. Tell your friends on your blog, thanks.
Happy crafting & crocheting.
Treasure Ann

Post Is Smooshed

Hi everyone, I'm sorry about the post being smooshed together like that. Just in case you are unable to read it, here's a recap: A Dozen Eggs is having a cookie give away. After you have entered my challenge, then go over to A Dozen Eggs and give it a try over there. Make sure you tell L I sent you (Harriett). Thanks for the look out to. Also there are many give aways going on, so you get to get as many chances as you like. After visiting us, go on over to the Pink Cupcake blog, try your hand over there as well. O.K. You all have a great rest of the evening.

Happy crafting & crocheting,

Treasure Ann

Sugar Cookies To Win

Hey, guess what if you happen to stop by here, how very fortunate. There is another give away taking place. Right at A Dozen Eggs Cookie Business. Try your hand here to win a prize and go on over to A Dozen Eggs and try there. A 2 for 2. The owner is having a Cookie Give-Away! How exciting, who doesn't like cookies? When you go online there, make sure you let them know that Harriett sent you. Thanks readers :)

Happy crafting & crocheting,

Treasure Ann

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bountiful (Business) Treasures Give Away

Hi everyone, it's that time. Are you ready for the first give away here? Here are the questions for the give away. Remember only one winner for this time, but there will be other give aways in the future. So you'll have another chance to win something, I don't want you to give up. If all of you get the correct answers then I'll put your names in a drawing. There maybe other times that I will pick 3 winners. O.K. Here are the 3 Bible trivia questions:

1. Who was the oldest man in the Bible?

2. What are the shortest books (they only have 1 chapter in these books) in the Bible?

3. How many years were the israelites (or enslaved) in Egypt?

Alrighty, there are the questions, so get cracking finding the answers. I look forward to hearing from you. Give Away is open until October 8, 2008 and will be closed at 12 a.m. that very (Wednesday) night.

Happy crafting, & crocheting

Treasure Ann

Friday, October 3, 2008

Favorite Friday's

Hi everyone, it's time for the segment/post of "one of my favorite things." I think I'll take every Friday to tell you about my favorite things. It's part of my weekly post to inspire you all, if you haven't tried one of these things to go on and give it a try. I'll be calling these posts Favorite Friday's. So here it is;

A.C. Moore that's (Arts & Craft Moore). You have got to check this place out, if there are any in your area. If there isn't one in your area, you can order online. They have it all, from scrapbooking, crocheting, knitting (yarns, needles etc.), jewelry making/beading, cake decorating supplies, baking supplies, candle making kits and the whole works. I can't stay away from there, it's like my second home. If you can't find anything crafty, bakey like, A.C. Moore has it. So go check it out. That's one of my favorite things for this Friday. Also don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the give away, and pictures. They are coming soon. To give you heads up, the questions concerning the give away will be dealing with Bible characters/personalities. Be ready.

TTFN and keep crafting & crocheting.

Treasure Ann

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How Do You Feel About The Economy

Should we be concern about the economy? Is it really that bad? How much concern should we have? What precautions should any of us take to protect ourselves about what's going to happen if they don't pass the bill? Let's look at the positive to help ease peoples minds. Let's hope and pray that our government will do the right thing for the benefit of us/our country. Here's a positive task to do, and get our minds off of worrying about the economy; what can you do today or tomorrow for someone to put a smile on their face. Find 5 people to cheer up, or do something for to help them in an area that you can assist them with. Doing this will keep your mind off the problem, and keep someone else from worrying to.
Write in, let me know how you feel what's going on with our MONEY/Economy. Tell me what solution or idea you can come up with to help our nation. During this time of reflection, don't neglect your crafting & crocheting. As best we can do and continue to live, life has no choice but to go on, and we're expecting good results. Accentuate the POSITIVE!!!
Treasure Ann

Holiday Plans

Wow, hasn't time gone by fast? this year is almost finished. Before getting to 2009, Let's talk about the holidays. What traditions and plans are you all going to make for the upcoming holidays. During this time of the year in October, we sometimes have a Harvest Party. Nothing big, but a few games, good food, and good fellowship. This year I plan to do something a little different. During sometime this month I have plans to do an Art Exhibition. I just took up painting and sketching last year, and I decided that I'm going to show off some of my work. My son likes to sculp things out of aluminum foil, he's really talented in that way. His work looks like spaceships, miniature aliens, even men look alike figures. He'll be displaying some of his work along with mine and my brothers. Now he's the artist of the family, right now I have a big poster in my room of a drawing sketch of a ford mustang that he actually sketched from a real model mustang. He's slowed down on his drawing, but hopefully this "Harvest Art Exhibition" will motivate him to get going with it. My theme food will be finger food, and for dessert, pumpkin iced sugar cookies (inspiration for that A Dozen Eggs-thanks). When I send out my invitations, which I'm going to make, will be in the form of an apple on a canvas. Neat huh? I like the idea myself. I'll let you know what my other tradition is next month.

So tell me what are you traditions for each individual holiday? I'd like to know. Also within 2 to 3 weeks I'll be setting up a give-away. Of course something crafty and hand-made. The 2 items will be a crochet hat & scarf set and a beautiful elegant necklace. Only one winner though. But there will be other give-aways in the future, and you'll still have a chance to win something. More details on the next post, what the contest will consist of.

Happy Crafting & Crocheting,

Treasure Ann