Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm Backkkkkkkkkk

Hi everybody "I'm back", and it's good to be back. I miss all of you guys. I thought I would've been back Monday, but I was able to cut away from the bustle and tell you all hi. Here are some picture's of what I did on my Thanksgiving Holiday.

It was so much fun. Of course all of the relatives were down for Thanksgiving. Today we took a family trip and went shopping. Here's my son in Game Stop a video game store. If he had a choice, he'll live there.

My beautiful mother, getting ready to serve up the food on Thanksgiving in her kitchen. First time I posted my mother. She's my rock, and we're close like sisters. A little about her is that she, other than in her background of being African-American, she has Native American and European descent. Rich history isn't it? I'm trying to find out more and do some research for the next generation in our family so that they know who they deeply are. What about you all, I'm interested in knowing your backgound history of your people?

My crazy sister, fooling around. I love her. Waz up sista girl? She's my best friend to. O.k. now she's the oldest. Just had to put that in. I'm the youngest girl.

Here we are, my store. Wal-mart, I love Wal-mart, you can find bargain prices everyday in Wal-mart.

People were shopping today, but not at all like I've seen last year during black Friday. I guess the economy really took a toll on some of the people. Everybody is trying to make it and hang in there. I pray that our economy will rise and come back on top. We are going to make it people. Be encouraged everyone. Don't loose hope.

Number one store that probably is going to make a lot of money this year. Who doesn't like Radio shack? Everybody likes electronics. It's a big sell I think every year around Christmas. Right next to it is Sally Beauty Supply and then next to that store is Game Stop. That's were my son was.

Going other place to shop. This is at the mall. A lot of people were here shopping. Everyone loves the Mall too. Very crowded here.

Here's my son seriously, intently and mind you, very happy about the video game purchases he made. He's going to wait until Christmas, to play with them. It's hurting him to. It's just itching him to play, but I figure he'll have something to look forward to on that day.

My brother is about to chow down. I tell you, everyones in the kitchen.

My niece and nephews, at the kiddie table. They had a ball. Who doesn't like the kiddie table, man it's fun.

Of course, I had a picture taken of me, but it didn't come out, so maybe next time. Hope you guys enjoyed my Thanksgiving Holiday journey. I really had a blessed and fun time. I hope you all did to.
I did something a little different this year. We had door prizes to give away. I gave out numbers, and just called them out until everyone got a prize. It was really fun. The kids enjoyed it to.

So what did you all do on your Holiday? I want to hear all about it. My next post will be about the Christmas gift's I'm hand making, hope they will be great ideas for you to make and give to your family. Until next time, I'll talk to ya'll soon.
Happy Holidays
Treasure Ann


adozeneggs said...

Looks like you all had a fun day!!
Although I can't believe how big a deal people made of black friday this year. I don't think I heard this mush hoopla even when I worked it!!

Treasure Ann said...

Tell me about it. I think they were looking at black friday as some help to boost the money flowing back into the economy.