Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Presents

This is actually something I crocheted for myself with some yarn my mother brought me. I love yarn as you may have realize. This is a lap throw that I crocheted with double crochet stitches. It's a gold, white and off white color combination. I love it. It's just the right size to. It keeps me warm.

This is a Christmas I made for one of my love ones. It's a granny square afghan (blanket). I hope they like it.

Here it is again, you can see the squares attached to it. It's like a mosaic puzzle. My mother likes doing granny squares. In fact I taught her to crochet and I think she's got better than I have. It's a great craft to do and relax while you do it.

This is another gift that I'm making for a Pastor. It's military colors, standing for God's soldiers. I hope he likes it. So this is mostly what I've been doing, trying to make some nice handmade Christmas gift. I encourage everyone to make at least 1 homemade gift for a love one. It lasts memories of lifetimes.
Take care everybody, and Happy Holidays. I'll be chatting with you all later.
Treasure Ann


fawndear said...

O.K. you've convinced me to pick up my crochet hook. I think it's been 12 years since I've done anything with it. But I used to do hat, scarfs, and afghans all the time. I hope I remember how.

Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Treasure Ann said...

Oh wow Fawn Dear, I had no idea you crocheted. It's wonderful to know a fellow crocheter. I know you will remember how to crochet, it's like riding a bike. You'll never forget how to do it, once you already learned. Happy crocheting, Fawn. :)

adozeneggs said...

Everything looks great!! I'm working on putting together all my cookie/candy recipes so I'll have the pate de fruit recipe for you soon.

Treasure Ann said...

Ah thanks A Dozen Eggs, I look forward to it. I'll be back over to your blog soon. I've just been so busy trying to get Thanksgiving and some other holiday prep going. thanks for the recipe, and I haven't forgotten bout your package.

titus2woman said...

OH that granny square blanket is SOOO GORGEOUS!!!!! LOVE IT! (((((HUGS))))) sandi