Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving is approaching fast. For my family we are keeping all the Thanksgiving traditions, but I want to add some new ones. I'm making an agenda for some games and activities to do for Thanksgiving while relatives are visiting. I need some ideas, anybody. I want to spice things up for our blessed gathering. So any suggestions or ideas you have, leave a comment. It will be highly appreciated.

Thanks anybody. Oh yeah, last but not least. I'm interested in knowing what kind of dish that you all will be cooking or baking for your Thanksgiving dinner this year. I also want to know, what are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Name one of your most favorite.

Alrighty talk to ya'll later.

Also I'll let you all know what that clue is about the pink hat in my next post.

Happy Holidays,

Treasure Ann


fawndear said...

Hi Treasure Ann - you won my contest. I just need a mailing address to send you your sparkles. You can e-mail me at

Hope you have a blessed day!


Treasure Ann said...

OMG Thank you Fawn Dear. I'm so excited. Thanks so much.