Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last Minute Shopping

Yeah I know I should have had all my Thanksgiving shopping done by now, but it's just a few more things that I need to get. One of the things that I like is Egg Nog. I can't forget to get that. I just love egg nog. My favorite brand is Coburg.

After everyone finishes their turkey dinner, we usually get a glass of nice cold egg nog to sip on. During the Thanksgiving celebration some of us will play games, like scrabble, chinese checkers, checkers and this year we plan to give out door prizes to make it even fun. Before we sit down to eat our festive meal, everyone says one thing that they are thankful for. Afterwards we say grace and we come together at the table and eat. During our sipping of the egg nog we watch "Home Alone" a Thanksgiving tradition. Then during the watching of the movie, everyone is slipping back into the kitchen to get more seconds. We always have a ball. I always hate for it to end, but I know I'll always have something to look forward to next year. After leaving my parents home, I get home and spend the rest of the quiet evening snug under my crocheted afghan reading a good book.

What about you all, are you doing last minute Thanksgiving shopping? What are your traditions for Thanksgiving? What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? In any event make sure you enjoy your family and "trearsure" every moment you spend with them. There's nothing like family.

Only 3 more days until Turkey-Thanksgiving Day, enjoy your Holidays.

Treasure Ann


Jill said...

On the way to visit my parents for Thanksgiving, my mom called and reminded me I was making a salad! Ooopps... so I had to do some last minute shopping too!

Treasure Ann said...

It seems so fun when you got to do last minute shopping though. It let's you actually realize that the Holidays are here.