Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hello Mr President

Today history was made. So now we embark onto something new. We hope to add what we can in this world to make it a better place. Every prayer, contribution, teaching, learning and helping where it is needed will help bring about something new. It's not just the President's job to bring about change, but we are an accountable, reliable key to help change come. The most important key is working together, loving one another and encouraging each other to do their best. When someone does their best, they bring out the best in us. So there goes your full circle moment.

Here's an assignment for you: Find 5 people that needs help with something and offer your help to them or find 5 people to tell them how they made a difference in your life. Try to do this task within 5 days. O.K. See ya'll tomorrow.

Happy Crafting,

Treasure Ann

By the way can you tell me what my next blog is going to be about? The hat on the left is your clue. Whoever gets it right will win this award to pass on to at least 3 blogger friends. O.K. yeah, I'm trying to start my on blogger award/tradition thingy.



adozeneggs said...

I have to tell you I am beyond excited that Obama is our new President. I was going to vote Nader, but that crazy Sarah Palin scared me too much. I think/hope that Obama will come through with his promises. Did I say how thrilled I am with the election results? Lets just hope the Secret Service keeps the First Family safe!

Treasure Ann said...

I agree adozeneggs. I am excited to. I did check out Nader after you told me about him. I like what he stands for. Yes I am praying that the First Family will be protected and kept safe. I hope as well that Obama comes through with his promises to. Let's hope for the best.

Treasure Ann said...

You know what adozeneggs, I don't even know why McCain picked her for his running mate.