Monday, April 27, 2009

Circle Time

We all remember circle time in school right. Circle time was when we were in grade school and the teacher would have everyone gather in a circle to share a story, a favorite toy, talk about their favorite pet, or even share pictures. Here's some of my pictures I like to share with you. Right here, we're getting ready for the summer. Cleaning up the yard and planting flowers.

Anybody ready for summer picnics? I am, we plan cook outs quite a bit during the summer and I'm gearing up for the upcoming ones we'll be having. This picnic table has many cook outs under it's bench (belt).

Putting up the fence adds more privacy for family gatherings.

More fences, and more clearing away for a nice private backyard barbecue.

I think it's so naturisc. I love it back here, and the scenery just put you in a peaceful mood. It actually stays cool in this area all summer long. Yay, cool summers, thanks to the wonderful trees.

Right here, we're exploring Myrtle Beach. These are some home homes in that area. Beautiful, aren't they?

Here's my son at McDonalds. Getting ready to eat a Big Mac, yum.

Here's one of my creations. It's a crocheted Granny Square purse. I had fun making this.
Last, but not least. This is the beautiful Easter Lily, my father gave me for Easter. Thank you, Dad. You know I loved it.

That's my show and tell. What do you all have to share for Circle time? What plans have any of you conducted lately? Share, share, it's circle time. In any event, have fun while you go forward with your plans and goals. Love, ya'll and peace out.

Peace & Love,

Treasure Ann

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Health Specialist Consultant-Me & Health Info.

I'm studying to become a Certified Health Specialist, and I have been asked by a Vitamin Shoppe employee to do some consulting at their health fair this Saturday. My courses include Nutritional Herbology, Nutritional Supplements, Aromatherapy and so forth. It's an exciting program, and I've already finished one course. I'm happy to say, that I got an "A" in my Nutritional Herbology course, yay. I still got a few more courses to go, but it's worth it. Can't wait to graduate.

Have any of you ever shop at Vitamin Shoppe? or GNC, I love their products.
I'm also curious about how do any of you feel about prescription drugs vs. Natural Alternative medicine.

Here's an experience I've had: I was taking some antibiotics for a UTI and the first prescription wasn't doing me any good. The doctors prescribed a stronger drug, still didn't help all of sudden people, I was already on 4 different antibiotics. They still didn't help. The antibiotics was covering the symptoms but not the source of my health problem. My mother you know from the old school and studied about herbs and nutritional supplements told me to take probiotic Whlie the antibiotic was killing the bad bacteria in my body, it was also killing out my good ones to, thus making me sicker. The probiotic has live good bacteria, and by taking that I was putting good bacteria in my body, thus fighting off the and killing the bad ones. I also needed a good cleansing and detox. I've since then recover and thank God has not had another UTI flare up.

For more information on Natural Alternative medicine and information of herbs, nutritional supplement, and aromatherapy go here:

Stay Healthy everybody, I'm trying to work on my health-it's not easy, but again, it's worth it.

Peace & Love everybody,

Treasure Ann

Hey everybody, Ive been asked to do some health consulting at my local Vitamin Shoppe-this Saturday.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

On The Eve of Easter

This is what I've been doing on the eve of Easter Sunday. I baked a chocolate sheet cake with vanilla frosting, walnuts and coconut spread on the top. I had to cut a few pieces and tasted it. It was so good, my son liked it pretty much as well. Easter egg coloring time. A tradition I held since I was a little girl. Never missed a year coloring eggs. My little niece us usually my little helper, but she had other plan with her friends. so I was alone to do this job. Don't worry-it wasn't hard, I enjoy doing this every year.

When the eggs are all colored and done, I usually put together an Easter basket for everyone in my family. I add little knick knack things like small minature Easter snicker candy and a few other treats.
Aren't these eggs colorful. The pink one is my favorite.

I wanted to throw this picture in. She's my little niece puppy. Her name is Princess. Boy oh boy, she looks innocent in this picture, but she is a handful and very tricky. But she is sweet.

My other tradition that I do on the Easter holiday is watch the, "The Ten Commandments," which comes on every year for Easter. I'm watching it while I color the eggs. I'm having fun. Have a great Easter and Spring break everybody. Enjoy the wonderful nature that God has blessed us with especially the wonderful colorful flowers that adorns our planet with it's beauty.
Peace & Love Everybody.
Treasure Ann

Friday, April 10, 2009

How Will You Celebrate Easter?

I will spend time with my family. Thank God for them, and that Jesus has risen. I'm going to color eggs as well and make up some Easter baskets.
Have fun everybody this weekend, and have a bless and happy Easter.

Peace & Love,

Treasure Ann

Monday, April 6, 2009

Whats For Dinner? and A Special Surprise!

What's for dinner at your house today? I've decided to fry chicken, fresh cooked broccoli with rice, and of course for dessert, Lemon Cake. Yum, yum. I hadn't had fry chicken for so long, I just had to cook some. Because I starved myself from it for a while, I was greedy and got seconds.

I cooked the broccoli in salt water and added a tsp. of butter. Cooked it to where it was still crunchy. OMG it was delicious. Then the best part I had for dinner was my dessert. It was o.k., but it could have been better (lemon cake). I have to keep working on this cake, so that it would come out better each time. But I heard no complaints from my son, so it must have been good.

Now for my "special surprise."
Looky, looky ya'll. I recieved a fun, exciting and delicious package in the mail recently and it was a treat for me. My good friend L from A Dozen Eggs sent me this wonderful gift. It was a lot of different shapes and colors of sugar cookies. OMG it was sooooo good. I did manage to share some with my son, brother, and niece. I could actually be a hog about it. Thank you, thank you so much L. It really brought a smile to my face as I have been going through and dealing with some challenging things in my life. You don't know how MUCH that meant to me. You are a such a good friend. I really appreciate this thoughtful gift. Oh BTW, I love those chocolate sugar cookies. They taste really good. Thank you sweet L.
To all my blog land friends thanks so much for your support and care. I know I haven't met any of you, but I send out my love to you all. You all are a great group of gals. L, Fawn, Jill, Aubrey, my sis J-everybody who has touched my life in a blessed and caring way. Thank you all.
Now, I still want to know, what did you all had for dinner, I especially want to know about your desserts. Please name the desserts, that's always my favorite.

Toodles everybody until next time.