Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Sorry about the many mistakes in my last blog, I wanted to hurry up and post the information. You might see lower case letters where they should be capital letters and a couple of mispelled words, but please excuse them. Again I wanted to quickly get some information out to you.

By the way, Pearlene's afghan theme name was "Raspberry Swril". It was beautiful and it had popcorn stiches on each side. I hope to be posting up pictures soon, and then you will be able to share in the beautiful crafts that people create.
Thank you,
Treasure Ann

Reminder: Christmas Cookie Exchange

Hi everybody,
Don't forget about the Christmas Cookie exchange coming up December 13, 2008. Join me here at 9:00 p.m. and tell me what cookies did you bake for your cookie exchange. You are encouraged to share recipes, and tell and share with me and others what cookies were brought at the Christmas Cookie Exchange you hosted. I will be starting my Christmas Cookie Exchange Party at 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. I will share with you my menu, games played and some of the prizes that were giving out. This is going to be exciting, and I'm looking forward to baking some delicious cookies. I also look forward to hearing from you and sharing your party fun with you as well. I will be posting the rules for the cookie exchange party and ideas for what games can be played and ideas on what to fix and serve for your guests.

Our winner for the Afghan contest, 1st prize went to Pearlene-congratulations Pearlene on your win. Pearlene won a gift basket and a homemade bubble bath product from Bountiful Treasures. Congratulations to Jackie for participating. Jackie will be getting a baked good prize for participating, which is second prize. Pearlene finished her afghan first. this contest is closed and prizes has already been given and recognized. Only 2 participants were involve in the contest, so that's why it ceame to a close early. the next crochet contest will begin in August. this contest is making a Christmas afghan, only with Christmas colors, it can be any stitch, any style. 3 prizes will be given-grand prize, 1st and 2nd prize. This Christmas contest starts August 25, 2008. Afghans are due on December 1, 2008. when you complete your afghan and it has been judged, think of someone that you give it to as a Christmas gift. I look forward to seeing your creations. Keep checking my blog to keep up with the date of the Christmas contest. That's all there is with the "rules of engagements" concerning the contest. So keep up with this post to be reminded of what's involve with the contest. thank you all for participating in the last contest. Until next time, get your recipes and creative juices flowing.
Happy baking and crafting/crocheting.
Treasure Ann

Monday, June 9, 2008


Hello customers,
I'm so sorry for the mistake on the price of the bubble bath. The 3 oz. bubble bath's are $5.00 instead of $3.00, because of the cost of ingredients these products take a lot of investing in to make. they are very good products and natural ingredients for Health Food Stores are very expensive. Again sorry for the mis-quote of the price.
Bubble Baths's are $5.00.
Thank you for your understanding.
aka Treasure ann

Bountiful Treasusres Update

Bountiful Treasures, is now offering "Prayer Shawls" for only a donation of $10.00.
Thank you,
Treasure Ann.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bountiful Treasures Price List

*Note: There is a non-refundable 1/2 down payment required before afghans and lap throws can be worked on upon ordering. Allow at least 2 to 3 months for afghans to be finished-these items do take time, thank you for your patients. :)

Crochet Products:
1.Long width afghans for men & women $75.00
2. Lap throws for men & women $55.00
3. Granny Square lap throw $60.00
4. Scarf's $10.00

*All products are made out of natural products.

Bath Products:
1. Soaps (lavendar, Sweet Orange,Rose, and Eucalyptus essential oil& fragrance) Eucalyptus soaps are only for colds as well as the bath salt with Tea Tree oil is for soaking your sore feet and helps with toe nail fungus) $3.50 each
2. Bath Salt $5.00 (3 oz. bottle)
3. Bubble Bath $3.00 3 oz. $7.00 8 oz.
4. Pine Soap is alo available for men.
~These soaps are made with most natural products. Ingredients in the soaps, bubble bath, & bath salts basically are; grapeseed, & almond essential oil along with the fragrance essential oil mentioned at the top, and vitamin E.
```**Special Note at the end of this e-catalog.

Gift Baskets:
1.Gift Basket Deluxe ( bath & body set, crochet wash cloth & jewelry set) $55.00
2. Crochet kit gift basket (1 roll of yarn, 1 crochet hook, crochet instructions) $20.00

$8.00 necklaces
$4.00 earrings

Services Offered:
1.Crochet classes, 4 day's on Saturday's of these months Jan., Feb., Mar., & Sept. (Time subject to change). $15.00 registration fee, $10.00 for the 3 additional classes or total of $45.00. *Registration fee is non-refundable. If there isn't enough people less than 3 in a class 2 weeks in, only then registration fee will be refunded. If you cancel & classes are more than 3-fee can not be given back. Thank you.
2. Notary Public $5.00

```**Candles will be available soon in the future from Bountiful Treasures. Keep a close ear near, wwe will keep you informed when we have a stock of the to sell.

*Prices & Products are subject to change.

Thank you for visiting at Bountiful business, c/o Bountiful Treasures.

If you have an order or questions, my customers know me but for other's that don't leave a comment as your order along with your e-mail, and I'll get back with you as soon as I can.

Thank you,

Harriett @ Bountiful Treasures/Owner

AKA Treasure Ann

Happy crocheting & crafting

*I will update as changes occur at Bountiful Treasures. Thanks again fellow crafters.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Products and Prices of Bountiful Treasures

*There is a non-refundable 1/2 down deposit on all afghans and lap **lap throws upon ordering before project can be worked on. Thank you

*Please allow at least 2 to 3 months for finished product.

Crochet Items:
~Long width Afghan/for men & women $75.00
~Lap Throw for man & women $55.00
~Granny square afghan $70.00
~Scarf's $10.00
~Crochet Hand bag $$10.00

Gift Baskets:
~Crochet Kit Gift Basket $20.00 (Includes 1 yarn, 1 crochet hook {needle}, and crochet instructions).
~Bath & Body gift Basket $25.00 (Includes home-made soap, bath salt, bubble bath & crocheted wash cloth). Comes in these fragrance: Lavendar, Sweet orange, Rose, & Cucumber Melon.
~Gift Basket Deluxe $50.00 (Includes entire bath & body set, crochet wash cloth, & jewelry set)
**(Keep in mind every one of these products, & materials are especially handmade)

Bath Products:
-Individual Soaps are *$3.00 each
-Individual Bath salts are $5.00 each (3 oz.)
-Individual wash cloths are $2.00 each
-Individual bubble bath are $5.00 (3 oz.)----$7.00 (8 oz.)
-Natural Shampoo are $5.00 small bottle---$6.00 medium bottle---$7.00 large

*Effective as of June 13, 2008/Soaps will be $3.50. Soaps marked 8-612-08, the original price of $3.00 will be still in effective. Soap bars that doesn't have that mark will be the price of $3.50. Thank you

Services Offered:
~Crochet Classes: 4 day's only on Saturday's in these month's Jan., Sept., Feb., & Mar. Classes are $15.00 registration & $10.00 for additional 3 classes. Classes are 4-6 p.m.
~Notary Public $5.00

*~Prices and products are subject to change.
*If any changes occur, I will update as it comes.
Thank you.
Harriett at Bountiful Treasures
AKA Treasure Ann

"Bountiful Treasures is a business where we like to help you create memories of love and creativity."

How To Throw A Craft Party

Hello fellow crafters. Last time we talked about how to take time out for ourselves. Here's how to get together with other crafters and enjoy good fellowship. I'm not claiming to be an expert on the whole subject, so here's a website to go to. This will get you motivated and moving to plan your own craft party. Remember it can be a party relating to any craft. For example: You can have a crochet party (Of course I'm partial to that), knitting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, finger painting, etc. the sky's the limit. O.K. Here are some websites and links you can hook up to in order to get more information.,,,, and when you do a search on the internet-type in "How to throw a Knitting party" and the information should come up through the eSSORTMENT website. Also check out how to plan a Craft Retreat if your ready for a big task at This is also my favorite website I check out all the time and it's baskets of yarn. It's a yarn store in Charlotte, N.C. They are also taking applications for a craft retreat this coming March of 2009. Check out that website. It's great and they also offer classes and great discounts and savings on yarn. There products also make great gifts, especially for a fellow crocheter and knitter. Also to get your juices of creativity flowing for you crocheter's and knitters, check out Lion Brand's Podcast. They give you great tips for yarn crafting and free patterns. So try them out and when you do, leave them a comment that you found out about their podcast from visiting my blog. I'd really appreciate that-thanks. But really I love to get their newsletter and listen to their podcasts, they really motivate you to try something new, motivate you to be creative and I just find it relaxing to get a cup of tea and enjoy tuning in while crocheting. They also have a Lion Brand Notebook that gives you details about their company and the staff. So try all of those websites and search out. You'll enjoy it and you won't regret it. Thanks for visiting my blog. Next time I'll have my list of products and prices of them that I sell in my business. A retail business, called Bountiful Treasures. Until next time,
Happy crocheting and crafting.
Treasure Ann

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How To Schedule Time For Yourself

Take one day out of the week especially for you. Cancel everything, don't accept appointments, obligations or plans from someone else. Take all day to bask yourself in relaxtion. O.K. Take it from me, this will refresh you every time. Remember one day out of the week.
Happy crocheting and take care of your self. Plan a party just for you, read a book drink some tea with a good movie, go ahead be good to yourself.
Treasure Ann

*P.S. Don't forget do well on your afghans contestants. Next time, how to throw a craft party.