Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pictures Pictures Pictures

Yeah! I've finally learned how to use my camera. Some pictures came out o.k. and not so o.k. so without further ado. Here are the pictures. Hope you enjoy.

Sorry Laura by the time I learned how to use my camera, I had already eaten your delicious cookies. All I have to show for is your beautiful packaging and the box of the delicious, delectable chocolates. I'm going to work on trying to get the pictures to come out more clearer. Thanks again Laura for the cookies, really sweet of you.

Oh yes, I have to give credit to my son. He helped me out, showing me how to use the camera and got me started on learning how to download the pictures into my computer.. Thank you D. You know how the young folks are, they are good with this technology stuff. However I'm still learning.

The picture at the very top of this post is what I call my spa product package. {Somehow that particular picture when I upload it, wasn't put in the right place. How that happen and why I don't know.} It's made with natural, chemical free ingredients. This is the fragrance of rose in that picture. The soap is made with shea butter, almond oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E and Rose Essential oil. The Bath Salt is incorporated with epsom salt {Bath Salt (Epsom Salt that is) is known to draw out toxins in our body. You could soak your foot with it or put a little in your bath water. It really helps your skin to become soft; for soft skin, that credit goes to the sea salt.} sea salt, vitamin E oil, and the rose essential oil. Other natural oils I use in my products are Lavender, Rosemary, Sweet Orange Essential Oil. I also use Tea Tree Essential Oil for fungal infections. Eucylaptus oil is used in my cold products, it's incorporated in my soaps and especcially my bath salts.

This is suppose to be a picture of my Rose soap. It didn't come out to good. It's kind of blurry, sorry about that. Oh yeah, very soon I'll be getting a website up and these products and more will be featured on there.

Right here are some of the products I sell. Now I don't make these, I only sell these retail. However I was a little tempted to learn how to make candles, but I'm not there yet. It takes a lot of patience for that.

Alright, here we are. This is a Prayer Shawl I crocheted for a friend of mine. Between my sister and grandmother, they taught me how to do this. I hope to be posting more pictures of my crochet and jewelry items soon. My signature line I'm working on are earrings and charm bracelets. It's a working progress with these items but I enjoy my job. You get to have fun while you work.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Hooray for me! I was first featured in a national magazine Country Women, and then my local newspaper did an article on me. That's me right there. OMG, talk about excited. This was a big thrill for me. Thank you Lord. I feel this was such a big accomplishment for me. I also like to encourage anybody out there to never give up on your dreams. Never! Even if it looks impossoble, it's not, it is possible just believing in yourself-you can do it.
So I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and there will be more to come. Take care everybody and Ill talk to you later.
By the way, has anyone guessed under the post, "Hello Mr President" what my next post is going to be about? After reading this, just scroll down and leave a comment and let me know. Theres an award that will be pass onto you if you get it. When I post about this mystery post, I'll need some advice about this particular subject. O.K. good people, TTFN.
Happy Crafting,
and I'lllater.
Treasure Ann


Charlie said...

congrats on being in the paper!! that is AWESOME :)

Treasure Ann said...

Thank you Charlie. It's a great feeling.