Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Alright, a bake sale yeah! I'm planning a bake sale, and Its a lot of work. I'm going to have a variety of cookies, but I want to bake something that's going to really attract customers. So if any of you have an idea of a great cookie recipe let me know. I'm really doing this bake sale for the fun and well for some extra cash to make. I need to build up my funds for my growing business. It's just sort of taking a while and it's been slow. I'm patient though, at one time I thought about giving up. I mean I even thought about turning in my Business Liscense. I'm just having a time trying to figure out the best way to advertise, and attract people to what I'm selling.
I even narrowed down my products and now I'm trying to only streamline my natural soaps, charm bracelets, and decorative totebags. These totebags are not handmade by me, I just only customize it and personalize it, and then sell it. The other products I'm going to work on is making business cards and brochures for businesses. We'll see how that goes, hopefully it will go well. I hope this bake sale will bring in revenues of potential loyal cutomers as well, when they see some of my products and use them. My goal for this bake sale is to raise enough money to open up a business bank account and get more supplies to make the products I'm offering.
So if you have any business advice (how to boost sells, advertising, etc.), breath-taking recipes (anything different, mouthwatering, etc.) it is much appreciated. I believe I'm going to give my self at least 2 years for my business Bountiful Treasures to get up off the ground. It'll be a certain financial goal I'll set to see if it gets there within that 2 years. If I don't see it happens , well I'll have to move on to something else. I will definitely be disappointed if it doesn't work, becasue having my own business was always a dream since I've been a little girl. Let's hope and pray it does work out. It's not easy starting a business, but I do like what I do making jewelry and soaps. It's really great and fun, maybe that's what has me to continue to keep going.
I do hope my bake sale comes through for the financial goal I have set. I am excited about it and can't wait to start baking. What I have so far to bake is everybody's favorite; chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter and oatmeal cookies. I will be doing whoopie pie sandwich cookies, and these cookies call snowball cookies. I tweaked the recipe a little, but everybody loves them who tried them. I will be baking brownies to. Oh yeah, I'm not sure, but I thought about doing cupcakes with Christmas decorations on top. What do you think? Should I do the cupcakes or leave them out. Your answer will determine whether I do it or not. Thank ya'll. I'll show you picks of them if the vote is yes, but I will still get some pics of the other baked goods I bake anyway. My Bake Sale is scheduled to be on December 13/Saturday. Hope it will be a success.
Don't forget girls, get those oven cranked up and those decorations flowing. Hey anybody out there doing a Christmas Cookie Exchange? I'm just interested. If you are let me know, I'd like to do a post about your get togethers and Christmas parties-dedicated to you. With your permission to copy your pictures along with the post I will do a themed Christmas Cookie and Party post. Exciting!!! So let me know whats up.
Until next time, I'm going to work on some more Christmas gifts.
Happy Holidays,
Treasure Ann


Lulu said...

Hey Treasure Ann!!

I use vistaprint.com for MOST of my promotional material, advertising, business cards etc. Check them out! Keep the faith in your big dream!!! I am a Sales Director with Mary Kay--so advertising is easier I'm sure as the company has been around for 45 years already but I think the fastest thing you can do to increase sales is call your current customers and offer them a free gift if they can give you a few referrals!!


Treasure Ann said...

Yeah, thanks Lulu. I will definitely try that. I really like the idea. Thanks so much. :)

fawndear said...

Best Wishes for your Bake Sale. I hope you do really well. I'll try and brainstorm some good recipes for you.

No rush on the other thing. You can even wait until after the holiday rush if that helps.

Thanks for being a great bloggy friend.

Jill said...

Good luck with your bake sale. I love buying items from bake sales.

You ask me in a comment how to adopt a child. I would contact an adoption agency. The people that work at the agencies are really helpful. They can tell you about the domestic children and the international children available for adoption. I've never contacted an agency but I've heard Great Wall and America World are good ones.

Treasure Ann said...

Fawn Dear: Thanks for your well wishes on my bake sale. Thanks also for being patient with the package.

Jill: Thank you for the encouragement on the bake sale to.
The information on adoption, I will check into that. Thanks so much for the information.

Happy Holidays girlsm and thank ya'll for being great bloggy friends.