Sunday, November 30, 2008

Whats Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

I'm a movie fanatic. Along with the reality shows I love to watch, there are quite a bit of movies I like to watch too. Here are only a few of my top 5 top Christmas Movies I like.

I know, I gues you say I'm to old to like "The Polar Express", but this cartoon movie is my all time favorite. When I watch this movie, it takes me back to when I was a little girl. On the movie while the children are traveling to meet Santa at the North Pole, the kids get a hot chocolate refreshment. Oh boy, do I love hot chocolate. I think this is a great movie of course for kids, but actually it's great for adults. It puts me in the mood of thinking about doing a Polar Express pajama party, just for us adult girls.

Filled with hot chocolate, chatter, encouragement and innocence. Who knows.

"Little Women", OMG-I mean this movie is like wisdom for life. The way Marmee gives her girls such wise and practical, deep invoking advice is such a treasure. I love this movie, because I see some of myself in Jo and Meg. These girls grew up in their own adult way of changing the world as good contributors in what they did and believed in.

"Christmas with the Kranks", that is such a hillarious movie. With Tim Allen trying to skip Christmas is actually impossible. It does make you think about the hustle and bustle, and what plans can you come up with to avoid that. This year I'm trying to make my Christmas more meaningful and simpler but enjoyable.

"Borrowed Hearts", well that is a movie about, believing in something that you want and never giving up, until it comes through. When something seems like only a dream, it can be much more by faith and prayer and it becomes a reality. Borrowed Hearts is a nice romantic movie and it gives you the encouragement to know that when you work hard at something you desire, you'll be rewarded with it.

My ultimately favorite movie, last but not least; "The Christmas Card". I'm a softee when it comes to romance, and this movie is so down to earth romantic. It's about this woman who sends Christmas cards to troops overseas. Her card happens to come along the path of this soldier who reads and keeps the card to help him through the tough times during the war. This soldier gets some time off after an incident happen. He actually goes to the hometown of the woman who sent the Christmas card. He meets her at church, but he doesn't let on who he is. He meets her father, gets to know the family and she still doesn't know who he is. She treats him cordial and all the while he's there with her, he falls in love with her. I'm going to put a plug in right there. I won't tell anymore, as not to spoil the movie for you. I tell you though, it's a great movie. One of my most favorite.

So check out one of those great Christmas movies, it'll certainly get you in the Christmas spirit. What are your favorite Christmas movies or cartoons? Has it been any life lessons you learned from them?

Oh yeah I forgot, the classical, "Christmas Carol". One of the best. Take care everybody and get those decorations out and recipes layed out. Christmas is coming.

Happy Holidays,

Treasure Ann

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Presents

This is actually something I crocheted for myself with some yarn my mother brought me. I love yarn as you may have realize. This is a lap throw that I crocheted with double crochet stitches. It's a gold, white and off white color combination. I love it. It's just the right size to. It keeps me warm.

This is a Christmas I made for one of my love ones. It's a granny square afghan (blanket). I hope they like it.

Here it is again, you can see the squares attached to it. It's like a mosaic puzzle. My mother likes doing granny squares. In fact I taught her to crochet and I think she's got better than I have. It's a great craft to do and relax while you do it.

This is another gift that I'm making for a Pastor. It's military colors, standing for God's soldiers. I hope he likes it. So this is mostly what I've been doing, trying to make some nice handmade Christmas gift. I encourage everyone to make at least 1 homemade gift for a love one. It lasts memories of lifetimes.
Take care everybody, and Happy Holidays. I'll be chatting with you all later.
Treasure Ann

Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm Backkkkkkkkkk

Hi everybody "I'm back", and it's good to be back. I miss all of you guys. I thought I would've been back Monday, but I was able to cut away from the bustle and tell you all hi. Here are some picture's of what I did on my Thanksgiving Holiday.

It was so much fun. Of course all of the relatives were down for Thanksgiving. Today we took a family trip and went shopping. Here's my son in Game Stop a video game store. If he had a choice, he'll live there.

My beautiful mother, getting ready to serve up the food on Thanksgiving in her kitchen. First time I posted my mother. She's my rock, and we're close like sisters. A little about her is that she, other than in her background of being African-American, she has Native American and European descent. Rich history isn't it? I'm trying to find out more and do some research for the next generation in our family so that they know who they deeply are. What about you all, I'm interested in knowing your backgound history of your people?

My crazy sister, fooling around. I love her. Waz up sista girl? She's my best friend to. O.k. now she's the oldest. Just had to put that in. I'm the youngest girl.

Here we are, my store. Wal-mart, I love Wal-mart, you can find bargain prices everyday in Wal-mart.

People were shopping today, but not at all like I've seen last year during black Friday. I guess the economy really took a toll on some of the people. Everybody is trying to make it and hang in there. I pray that our economy will rise and come back on top. We are going to make it people. Be encouraged everyone. Don't loose hope.

Number one store that probably is going to make a lot of money this year. Who doesn't like Radio shack? Everybody likes electronics. It's a big sell I think every year around Christmas. Right next to it is Sally Beauty Supply and then next to that store is Game Stop. That's were my son was.

Going other place to shop. This is at the mall. A lot of people were here shopping. Everyone loves the Mall too. Very crowded here.

Here's my son seriously, intently and mind you, very happy about the video game purchases he made. He's going to wait until Christmas, to play with them. It's hurting him to. It's just itching him to play, but I figure he'll have something to look forward to on that day.

My brother is about to chow down. I tell you, everyones in the kitchen.

My niece and nephews, at the kiddie table. They had a ball. Who doesn't like the kiddie table, man it's fun.

Of course, I had a picture taken of me, but it didn't come out, so maybe next time. Hope you guys enjoyed my Thanksgiving Holiday journey. I really had a blessed and fun time. I hope you all did to.
I did something a little different this year. We had door prizes to give away. I gave out numbers, and just called them out until everyone got a prize. It was really fun. The kids enjoyed it to.

So what did you all do on your Holiday? I want to hear all about it. My next post will be about the Christmas gift's I'm hand making, hope they will be great ideas for you to make and give to your family. Until next time, I'll talk to ya'll soon.
Happy Holidays
Treasure Ann

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Bloggers

To all my blogger friends, loyal commenters, and visitors, I would like to present this Thanksgiving card (above) to all of you. It'll probably be a while before I can get back to my computer on the account of, well Thanksgiving preparations, relatives, and just having a jolly good time. I'm going to be busy for the most part helping my mom cook and bake. I even got some request to cook some favorite dishes. Then after the celebration of Thanksgiving, I'll be moving on and preparing for my most favorite Holiday... Christmas!!! Our tradition since I can remember as a little girl, was putting the Tree up after Thanksgiving. Then you know actually before that, "Black Friday"-the Thanksgiving after sale Friday. We go SHOPPING! Then after a long day, we get some Coburg egg nog, put on some Christmas music and decorate the tree.
So my blogger friends, commenters, and visitors, it'll be a while before I blog with you again. I will be signing in sometime Monday perhaps, if not soon, after The Thanksgiving rush.
You all good people, have a good break, enjoy your family, holiday, and making great memories. Have a good time. I'll be talking to ya later.
Have a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving,
Treasure Ann

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last Minute Shopping

Yeah I know I should have had all my Thanksgiving shopping done by now, but it's just a few more things that I need to get. One of the things that I like is Egg Nog. I can't forget to get that. I just love egg nog. My favorite brand is Coburg.

After everyone finishes their turkey dinner, we usually get a glass of nice cold egg nog to sip on. During the Thanksgiving celebration some of us will play games, like scrabble, chinese checkers, checkers and this year we plan to give out door prizes to make it even fun. Before we sit down to eat our festive meal, everyone says one thing that they are thankful for. Afterwards we say grace and we come together at the table and eat. During our sipping of the egg nog we watch "Home Alone" a Thanksgiving tradition. Then during the watching of the movie, everyone is slipping back into the kitchen to get more seconds. We always have a ball. I always hate for it to end, but I know I'll always have something to look forward to next year. After leaving my parents home, I get home and spend the rest of the quiet evening snug under my crocheted afghan reading a good book.

What about you all, are you doing last minute Thanksgiving shopping? What are your traditions for Thanksgiving? What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? In any event make sure you enjoy your family and "trearsure" every moment you spend with them. There's nothing like family.

Only 3 more days until Turkey-Thanksgiving Day, enjoy your Holidays.

Treasure Ann

Gobble, Gobble Give Away

Turkey Time, well Cookie time at least at A Dozen Eggs The owner is giving away some thankful Thanksgiving cookie favors, if you answer 4 questions correct on the subject of Arlo Gutrie you will be entered in the Gobble, Gobble Give Away for a chance to win these delicious cookie favors for Thanksgiving.

So you better hurry on over and give your answers, you never know. L cookies are delicious and you just can't eat one. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you, you only have until 10:00 a.m. Monday Morning-that's right tomorrow to enter. She's (L) doing this so that your cookie favor will arrive on time for Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your life people,

Treasure Ann

Saturday, November 22, 2008


As many do not know, I am a single mother. Not by divorce, but by being nieve (I don't know if I spelled that right.) and young. I regretted a lot of things in my life, but I don't regret deciding not to have an abortion. Yes this is something I like to share with my readers. Just to tell you how far I've come. When I found out I was pregnant, there were so many thoughts that went through my head. Abortion was one of them, but thank God I didn't make that mistake. In fact I looked at myself for making the mistake.
Now I don't even know how my life would be without my son. Yeah he's a big boy in this picture, but years ago before, he was such a tiny baby.

If it wasn't for my parents, who did not condone what I did, but they were understanding, and supportive. They never let me go through my pregnancy alone. I was depress and ashame when I was pregnant, because I wasn't married. My father, God bless him, helped me hold my head up and encouraged me that I am still important and I'm somebody. He is my son's, not only grandfather, but father. He stepped in when D's biological father didn't. My father and mother helped me get on my feet and now my life has progressed to great things and still going. I'm thankful for my parents and how they helped me get through some very tough times.

What about you? What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving Holiday and season?
Happy Holidays,

Treasure Ann

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank You Fawn Dear...

I love my blog prize that sweet Fawn Dear sent me. I was so excited when I saw the box on my front porch when I got home from A.C. Moore (read my post below about my adventure at A.C. Moore). When I came in my house, this is what I found inside the box. Oh, she had it so wrapped nicely and all.
I lovingly recieved a nice shopping bag. Looovvvveeee IT!!!
Next there was a pretty candle all wrapped nicely, and last but not certainly not least; Cookie Lee jewelry set. C'mon people, aren't these great gifts or what. I love them, everyone of them.

Heres the bracelet, this picture came out blurry. Sorry about that. Take my word for it, it's gorgeous.

Here's the beautiful bracelet.

The absolutely fantastic earrings.

Right here is the entire gift set. The bag, candle, and Cookie Lee earring, bracelet, and necklace set. I have got to get an outfit especially to wear with this.
Thank you Fawn Dear, I love my prize. So beautiful-whenever you get yours, hope you like it.
Your Friend,
Treasure Ann

What's For Dinner?

So everyone what's for dinner? In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to know what's for Dinner? Is anybody out there going to cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, or do something different?Here's my menu, well o.k. here's my mother menu, but I do help her cook.

Our spread is going to be:

*Turkey of course, roast beef, collards green, cranberry sauce, stuffing, string beans, nut cake, rice, macaroni and cheese, potatoe salad, cinnamon buns, Thanksgiving sugar cookie favors (for guests), beverages, and gosh, let's see, so much more. I'll be cooking the potatoe salad, cinnamon buns and the Thanksgiving sugar iced cookie. Yummy, I just know I'm going to get full, but who cares, I'm going to stuff my self silly. Why? Because it's Thanksgiving.

So tell me, what's for dinner? What are you fine folks gonna cook for Thanksgiving?

Happy eating,

Treasure Ann

A.C. Moore

I just got back from shopping at A.C. Moore. I just love that place. I can practically live there. I'm into so many crafts already and I get most of my craft supplies from there, well other than Wal-mart. If you have an A.C. Moore where you live, you have got to go and check out the sale their having. The entire store is on sale, from 20% to 50% off. You can really get some nice crafty things to make for your love ones as a Christmas gift. Above are some of the on sale products I bought at the craft store. Check it out ya'll. I don't know how long the sale lasts, but I found out from friend yesterday, and we caught it.
Have fun everybody and don't forget to enjoy live.
Treasure Ann

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pink Hat Society

I am thinking about starting a Pink Hat Society Club. It's a club where women of all ages come together once a month and go out or plan an event to attend to.
It is a slight difference from the Red Hat Society. In that club you have to be 50 and above to join. However you can still register and be a part of that society. The only thing is until you reach the age 50, when you attend one of their functions you are required to wear a pink hat instead of a red one. The only rule for these wonderful societies is just have fun. Right now in order for the Pink Hat Society club to become official is that I have to register a name. I've recruited a few people, but I haven't come up with a name yet. As soon as I have one for my club, I can register. We'll begin to plan outtings such as tea & lunch, go to a book store with a cafe, shopping, movie, whatever nice event you can think of the society trys to plan an event once a month and we go and have fun.
O.K. this is where I'm stuck at. I need a name for the Pink Hat Society Club. This is what I came up with so far:
1. The Pink Rose Hat Society Club
2. Hot Pink Hat Society Club
I need suggestions, what name can you give me to register my group?
Events & activities; I also need some great ideas to plan for these lovely ladies. What would be a great activity to plan for them. Any ideas you suggest as many as I get, I'll use them for the following months. Thanks people.
On another note, I'm thinking about doing a blogger book club. So anyone that can suggest a good read, I'll pick from that list and whoever wants to join the "Daily Life Daily Living" Book Club can buy that particular book and I'll host a discussion every Wednesday about that book. You all can give feed back and what You yourself got out of the book. I will be doing this sometime in the future. Maybe sometime after the Holidays. Looking forward to it. During that time, comment on any suggestions of great reads that you have in mind that will be good for the book club (Entitled "Wednesday's Book Club Blogger Meeting").
Thanks everyone, and don't forget enjoy life.
Treasure Ann

Thanks Guys

Fawn Dear, your a good friend. A Dozen Eggs your a good friend

A Dozen Eggs; Thanks guys for being such friends, and whoever comment on this blog. I really appreciate it. I know things can get busy and excited for the Holidays. Enjoy yourselves girls.

Have lots of fun during this Holiday Season. I appreciate ya'll for being friends-though long distance, never the less friends.

Also know that you women are good inspirations to people to enjoy life. You to A Tale of Two Sisters. Keep up the good work. If I could award you loyal bloggers with something. I'd award you all with an award of kindness.

To A Dozen Eggs and Fawn Dear I award you an award for Kindness and the crown of kindness. It's at the top of the post. Again thanks guys-your special people.
Thanks for the sparkles Fawn Dear.

Treasure Ann

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Where Is Everybody?

Alrighty, where is everybody? I guess things have gotten busy for most of us. What is it about me? Maybe it's my blog. Is it not interesting? I hope I haven't scared anybody. It's nice to see when blogs have a lot of people visit, but wow-what have I done?

I don't understand why I don't get much visitors like other blogs. Well, what can I say? It's been great. Until next time, enjoy life everyone.
God Bless.

Treasure Ann

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving is approaching fast. For my family we are keeping all the Thanksgiving traditions, but I want to add some new ones. I'm making an agenda for some games and activities to do for Thanksgiving while relatives are visiting. I need some ideas, anybody. I want to spice things up for our blessed gathering. So any suggestions or ideas you have, leave a comment. It will be highly appreciated.

Thanks anybody. Oh yeah, last but not least. I'm interested in knowing what kind of dish that you all will be cooking or baking for your Thanksgiving dinner this year. I also want to know, what are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Name one of your most favorite.

Alrighty talk to ya'll later.

Also I'll let you all know what that clue is about the pink hat in my next post.

Happy Holidays,

Treasure Ann