Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Holiday Plans

Wow, hasn't time gone by fast? this year is almost finished. Before getting to 2009, Let's talk about the holidays. What traditions and plans are you all going to make for the upcoming holidays. During this time of the year in October, we sometimes have a Harvest Party. Nothing big, but a few games, good food, and good fellowship. This year I plan to do something a little different. During sometime this month I have plans to do an Art Exhibition. I just took up painting and sketching last year, and I decided that I'm going to show off some of my work. My son likes to sculp things out of aluminum foil, he's really talented in that way. His work looks like spaceships, miniature aliens, even men look alike figures. He'll be displaying some of his work along with mine and my brothers. Now he's the artist of the family, right now I have a big poster in my room of a drawing sketch of a ford mustang that he actually sketched from a real model mustang. He's slowed down on his drawing, but hopefully this "Harvest Art Exhibition" will motivate him to get going with it. My theme food will be finger food, and for dessert, pumpkin iced sugar cookies (inspiration for that A Dozen Eggs-thanks). When I send out my invitations, which I'm going to make, will be in the form of an apple on a canvas. Neat huh? I like the idea myself. I'll let you know what my other tradition is next month.

So tell me what are you traditions for each individual holiday? I'd like to know. Also within 2 to 3 weeks I'll be setting up a give-away. Of course something crafty and hand-made. The 2 items will be a crochet hat & scarf set and a beautiful elegant necklace. Only one winner though. But there will be other give-aways in the future, and you'll still have a chance to win something. More details on the next post, what the contest will consist of.

Happy Crafting & Crocheting,

Treasure Ann


adozeneggs said...

your text somehow got smushed to the right margin and is missing parts!
I'm having family up to VT next weekend for some apple picking, pumpkin carving, a trail ride and a "harvest dinner". I'm pretty sure we're making maple glazed pork tenderloin, some type of pasta with squash, and one each of a pumpkin and apple dessert. Then it's back to non-stop Christmas cookie production!!

Treasure Ann said...

Oh my goodness, sounds like your going to have a great time. Wow, wish I could be there to taste that maple glazed pork tenderloin. I've never done an apple picking. Not much apple tree's in S.C. Do you get to make any apple pies? Try to rest in between those Christmas cookie production. Of course love your cookies.

I do hope you get to participate in my give away. It's going to be fun. Instead of giving away one hat and scarf set, I think I'm going give away 2 sets of hat & scarf set and the necklace I made. I hope whoever wins, will like it. :)