Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How Do You Feel About The Economy

Should we be concern about the economy? Is it really that bad? How much concern should we have? What precautions should any of us take to protect ourselves about what's going to happen if they don't pass the bill? Let's look at the positive to help ease peoples minds. Let's hope and pray that our government will do the right thing for the benefit of us/our country. Here's a positive task to do, and get our minds off of worrying about the economy; what can you do today or tomorrow for someone to put a smile on their face. Find 5 people to cheer up, or do something for to help them in an area that you can assist them with. Doing this will keep your mind off the problem, and keep someone else from worrying to.
Write in, let me know how you feel what's going on with our MONEY/Economy. Tell me what solution or idea you can come up with to help our nation. During this time of reflection, don't neglect your crafting & crocheting. As best we can do and continue to live, life has no choice but to go on, and we're expecting good results. Accentuate the POSITIVE!!!
Treasure Ann


adozeneggs said...

Not sure if I can help the nation, but we're "business as usual" here.
I think there is a lot that the public doesn't know about this so called bail out and I don't think it's wise to borrow $700billion when we are already in so much debt. I don't know about anyone else, but when I'm in a financial "slump" I cut back on my spending, I don't spend and borrow more. Just a thought.

Treasure Ann said...

Very wise thought. I agree with you. Where does that take us, after borrowing that money. It's so much repairs to be done & that $700 billion is going to still be there after all the mess is cleaned up to be dealt with afterwards.