Thursday, October 16, 2008

Contest Closed

Hi one and all, there wasn't a lot of response to the give-away, so I decide to close the contest. What I am going to do is give 2 people a complimentary gift for visiting and entering. So here are the winners: Fawn Dear and A Dozen Eggs. Congratulations!!! I'll be sending you both a crochet hat & scarf set and a jewelry item that I hand-made. Hope you both will like it. Send me your addresses via e-mail at Thanks you 2 for visiting. Maybe if things pick up I may do a Bloggers Christmas Gift Exchange. Now any bloggers that may come across my blog and want to use this idea before I may get a chance to do it, just let me know by a comment here. That way I can think of some other activity to do with the bloggers next time. Thanks. Alright, I'll talk to ya'll later.

O.k. winners, don't forget, drop your address on my e-mail (above), so I can get those prizes out to you.
Happy crafting & crocheting,
Treasure Ann


Charlie said...

i just discovered your blog or i would have totally entered! my sister and i just started our own blog. we are trying to get it off the ground...we post all the time! haha :) anyway check it the mean time i'll be keeping up with your blog!

thanks :)

fawndear said...

You are too sweet!
I've only been blogging a year and it does take a while to get going. But your one step ahead of me in trying to start your own business. I haven't got there yet but the economy is making me rethink that I need to get moving faster on the whole decision.