Monday, October 6, 2008

This May Help You With Your Decision

Hi folks, scroll down to watch the video, for more recaps about the Presidential Election. this may help you with your decision. Thanks for watching, and hope you got some more to think about while debating who you will vote for. Don't forget to tune in the 2nd Presidential Debate tomorrow Tuesday at 9:00 p.m.
Happy crafting, crocheting & voting in November,
Treasure Ann


adozeneggs said...

Hey Harriett, I couldn't see the video on your blog.
I can tell you that in my opinion neither candidate is very good.
I would love to see a day when we could truly have a "change" and get someone in office with the good of the people in mind.
You should check out this documentary
Ralph Nader Documentary, An Unreasonable Man.
He's gone up against the auto industry and many other big businesses for the good of the people/consumers. He's not devisive as I believe the other two are. Doesn't care what religion people are and his main focus is to keep big business out of Washington. Every politician makes decisions based on money they receive from lobbyists and I don think Nader would do that.
Of course, I'm nuts because he's never going to win and gets zero coverage by the media. So there you go, you asked and I told. Hope you still like me!

Treasure Ann said...

Hi adozeneggs, now I can agree with you on that. Money does turn people to make decisions that they probably originally didn't have in mind. I'm all for the good of the people, and hopefully we can come close to a President that will truly at least come over half of the way to really have the country's interest at heart. As human beings, with flaws, maybe we can come over close to 100%. I will check that documentary out about Ralph Nader. Thanks for your opinion, I want you to be honest, besides that's the first step in changes being made. You are really political savvy, I think that's a good thing. People should really know how our country is being run by these government official-it's the world we live in, and of course I still like you. glad to have met you via computer/blog.