Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Why do people sound so inconsiderate when talking to them on the phone? Not all mind you, just some. You are being just as polite as you can be, and from how it sounds in their voice-they sound like you did something bad to them. I'm like, well what is it? Everything going well for you? Your day o.k.? Did somebody made you MAD? Maybe your having some problems with personal life, I mean what? I didn't do anyting to you. Just being myself. I really don't understand people sometimes. Maybe that's life, maybe there will be times where we don't understand each other, or miscommunicate with one another, or maybe we give half the information and expect someone to fill in the blanks. We're not mind readers. The only one who can read minds is our good Lord above. so just a reminder, since He's the only one that can read minds, We have to speak up for the rest of us. By the way, thanks for doing that.
My thing is, can we be a little considerate in the way we answer people or respond to them. How about trying a more knider, loving approach or tone. Unless your having a hard time getting your point across. I still think you can do it with some sort of love even in a firm way. Where's the love? Where's the love? It's not a whole lot of effort to give it. Besides we'll feel better. What's your take on voice tone (consideration tones)? Have you been mistaken in sounding mean, when you truly haven't been? Or, how about, how you've been talked to? Was the person being mean or is that the way they normally sound? Maybe we just need to get to know the person better. I guess that's what life is about, learning from each other, and helping one another in our weaknesses.
Happy crafting & crocheting,
Treasure Ann
Oh yeah, spread the love, the God-kind of love.

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