Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bountiful (Business) Treasures Give Away

Hi everyone, it's that time. Are you ready for the first give away here? Here are the questions for the give away. Remember only one winner for this time, but there will be other give aways in the future. So you'll have another chance to win something, I don't want you to give up. If all of you get the correct answers then I'll put your names in a drawing. There maybe other times that I will pick 3 winners. O.K. Here are the 3 Bible trivia questions:

1. Who was the oldest man in the Bible?

2. What are the shortest books (they only have 1 chapter in these books) in the Bible?

3. How many years were the israelites (or enslaved) in Egypt?

Alrighty, there are the questions, so get cracking finding the answers. I look forward to hearing from you. Give Away is open until October 8, 2008 and will be closed at 12 a.m. that very (Wednesday) night.

Happy crafting, & crocheting

Treasure Ann

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