Friday, October 24, 2008

Recipes Available Anyone?

Hey anyone, does anybody have any type of candy recipe? I am very interesting in making some from scratch. I usually give out cookies for Christmas gifts, but I want to change things up. Mix and match so to speak. I wanna give out some home-made cookies and candy. Much appreciated ya'll.

Happy Crafting,

Treasure Ann


adozeneggs said...

H, I can't read this post, the text is way over on the right.
I like the picture though!

Treasure Ann said...

Hi L the post is about finding some candy recipes. I'm looking to jazz up my Christmas gifts, and send some candy gifts and cookie gifts. So if you have any candy recipes I'm game.

adozeneggs said...

I like to make Pate de Fruit. It's a European fruit jelly candy, pronounced patay day fwee. I'm not a lover f jelly candies like jelly beans, gummy things, or those fruit slices, but Pate de Fruit is one of my favorites. I'll be posting the recipe soon. It has a few ingredients that need to be ordered online (glucose, tartaric acid, and fruit puree) You can puree your own fruit though, I just don't have time. Also this year I'm going to try out homemade caramels and caramel corn. I'll be testing these out in the next few weeks so check the blog!!

Treasure Ann said...

Oh wow, yeah L. I can't wait to try that recipe patte de fruit. It'll be different and I think my family is going to like it. I love saying that word by the way. I would love to do that caramel and caramel corn. It sounds good already. I hope I have some of them left to give out, if I don't eat them all. Thanks

Oh yeah thank you again for the delicious cookies. I love everything. Pics of what you sent me is coming. I have to learn how to operate my camera. Again I love those treasure chest. Stay warm, and by the way give that cute Lily of yours a snug hug for me. She is so precious.