Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some Of My Favorite Shows

H ey everybody, I thought I might give you some glimpse into some of the t.v. shows I really like. Actually they are mostly reality shows. Hehehe, yup, that's right reality t.v. OMG I'm a reality show junkie. "Hello my name is Harriett and I'm a reality show alcoholic." I mean what can I say, that's part of my entertainment. Now take Survivors for instance. By the way that's Jeff Probst up there the host of Survivors, sometimes I'd like to vote him out. Ha, just kidding. I love to see the contestants try to do something they never done before. It seems to bring out their real self, instead of a more reserve person. You really get to see peoples true personality out there, and their feelings towards certain individuals, such as race, religion, or other type of lifestyles. It's very interesting.

Now here's the other reality show I like. Now mind you these are just a few. I have a lot more of those shows to feed on. Like I said, I'm a reality t.v. show junkie. The Amazing Race, is a show of just really traveling. I like it though because I get to see the contestants interact with the locals and participate in other cultural experiences. This show also brings out the individual true personality of a person with their team members. Oh yeah there are 11 teams of 2. It could be a team of couples, mother/daughter, father/son or sister/sister and, well you got the picture. When I watch the Amazing Race-it usually tests the team members. It either helps them become strong and motivate to win, or the team members sometimes get on each other nerves. I notice that if they don't get along, it causes them to get behind, or actually a lot of the times eliminated. If they don't pull it together in time. I notice when they start to argue and disagree, they loose their head in the game, and that's it the focus of winning is gone. It's a really interesting show. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that the object of the game is as you travel from one place or country to another, there are AR clues along the way. some of those clues include what task you have to do along that leg of the race. You have to complete all task during that leg and do it in time to get to the pit stop of that leg and avoid being in last place. If you get there last, automatically as the host say's it, "I'm sorry your the last team to arrive, you both have been eliminated from the race." Then the team as myself to, get disappointed and have to discontinue in the race. Sometimes it's one of my favorite teams, but you know the race has to go on. So you see why these shows are my favorite. You can learn a lot from these reality shows, like how to survive in the JUNGLE, or learn how to book a flight (talking about Amazing Race ya'll). Also some more of my favorite, which is to many to name are Wife Swap, Big Brother-and The Chef Jeff Project. Really good show. A quick recap on the show is, this man who went prison selling drugs, was a cook in prison, got out of prison, someone took a chance on him, Chef Jeff became a professional chef. That's a long story very short, sorry there aren't to many details, but look him up on google-you might find some more information on him. So Chef Jeff, has this program with 6 people out of the hood that he is mentoring to have a shot in the restaurant business. These people have backgrounds of being on drugs, gangs, a very hard life, and Chef Jeff is giving them an opportunity to come up even morein their life. It's a great show and you really learn how, that if you can help change people's prospective of themselves in becoming more than what they think they are, you are able to transform their life for the better.

So what's your take on reality shows? What's your favorite and what do you get from it when you watch it? Tell me about it. I like to hear what you think. Oh and thanks for taking the time to hear me ramble on about these shows. Can you tell I like them?

Happy Crafting & Crocheting,

Treasure Ann


Charlie said...

omg i love the amazing race! i think lulu and i should be on it...we would probably just try to find the best places for coffee around the world or something! i used to watch survivor all the time but i haven't in awhile. i do love jeff though. wife swap is so stressful! it's one of those shows where i can't look away, but makes me nervous the whole time!!

hope you have a great day :)

Treasure Ann said...

Charlie, you and lulu should try it-audiion for it. You never know. I'll definitely be rooting for ya'll. I think you both will do well. Me, surprisingly, I'll probably would want to be on wife swap. Scary huh, I'm saying this but I don't know for sure. Once you get to play someone else's life you have to adjust. So that may be a bit of a challenge.

fawndear said...

I have to watch The Amazing Race and Survivor every week. Sometimes I catch 'The Biggest Loser' just to remind me that I want to finish shedding those last few pesky lbs.
I'm still trying to find my candy recipes. I think they are buried somewhere deep. Maybe I'll have time to look after Halloween.

Treasure Ann said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about the Biggest Loser. I like to watch that to. It does help you get motivated to loose weight and be healthy.

Hey does anybody remember Starting Over? That was a reality show that use to come on Fox 24. It involved women coming to this house to start over their lives with certain situations they had going on. I loved that show, but it doesn't come on any more. I miss it. Thanks fawn dear, I'll highly appreciate it, if you pass on the recipes to me.