Monday, October 6, 2008

Sugar Cookies To Win

Hey, guess what if you happen to stop by here, how very fortunate. There is another give away taking place. Right at A Dozen Eggs Cookie Business. Try your hand here to win a prize and go on over to A Dozen Eggs and try there. A 2 for 2. The owner is having a Cookie Give-Away! How exciting, who doesn't like cookies? When you go online there, make sure you let them know that Harriett sent you. Thanks readers :)

Happy crafting & crocheting,

Treasure Ann


Clara Belle said...

hi! I have my giveaway on my blog now so if you could enter again that would be great!

Treasure Ann said...

Sure Clara belle, thanks for visiting.

adozeneggs said...

Wow! Where did you dig up that photo?! Thanks for the post.

Treasure Ann said...

Hi a dozen eggs, I googled your name, and then I went to images. There you were. Glad you like it.