Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Good Book & A Magazine to Subscribe to-Within A Baking Relation

I'm looking for a good book. Anybody have any suggestions? I've finished reading quite a few and looking for something interesting. If you have any ideas or suggestions on a good book let me know I may check it out.

O.K. Now how about a good Craft/Baking magazine to subscribe to. If anybody know a good magazine in that category to subscribe to, link me up and I'm happy to check it out.
*Oh by the way how about that cook book A Dozen Eggs?
Hey everybody check her out, and you'll see why I'm bugging her about this cook book at This girl knows her stuff, very creative in her sugar cookies. Order some, and see for yourself.
Next post, I'm looking for some great ideas on Christmas gifts. Categories are: Baked, Crafts, and/or Bought gifts. Thanks readers, you all have become my distant friends.

Happy crafting & crocheting,
Treasure Ann


adozeneggs said...

Maybe someday we'll do a children's book using iced sugar cookies as the illustrations, but a cookbook. I don't know.
First, I need to sell enough cookies to pay a full time cookie assistant and keep my house heated!!!

Treasure Ann said...

Let me know when it's on the rise, and I will definitely buy a copy. I pray adozeneggs that you will make over enough money to pay for a full time cookie assistant, and live life like there's no tomorrow. Your business is going to really, really be booming. It's booming now, but even more. :) Stay warm.