Friday, October 24, 2008

Join In!

Hi everybody, I'm copy catting. I just came back from and I got put onto something. A worthy cause, that will show our soldiers that we love them and want to encourage them. To do that it's all in your baking skills. While I could explain it for you, A Dozen Eggs explains it better. Go over to her site and link up with her blog, all info is there. Thanks L for putting me on this. This touches home with me, because I have a brother in the military. Love you C, know that I'm always praying for you and your family. Remember to keep our soldiers in your prayers and for a safe return home soon to their families. In the above picture is my brother. He's the one on theleft with glasses on. I've already joined the Baking GALS and I'm very excited about this cause. It gives me a chance to use my baking skills to send some love over to our soldiers. So join in at and bake for a worthy cause-the website will explain everything you need to know or you can link from A Dozen Eggs blog.

Happy crafting, crochetin, and this time baking.

Treasure Ann


adozeneggs said...

Thanks for the link. I now have to figure out what cookies to make for Baking GALS. I have too many cookie cookbooks!!
Your brother looks very handsome. Let's hope that all our soldiers can come home and be safe and with their families soon.

Treasure Ann said...

Your welcome L. Thank you to about my brother. You sound like me with the cookbooks. In fact I guess you can say I collect them. I love baking and trying different recipes. Its like therapy for me. I still haven't tried a lot of the recipes in a lot of the cookbooks I have already.