Saturday, October 11, 2008

Free Stuff

O.K. I'll change this around. I really want to give someone 2 scarf & hat set with an elegant necklace that I hand-made. So if anyone happen to stumble across my blog, instead of answering the contest questions, just enter this give away by signing on and commenting telling me who is your most influential person in your life. Yes I am interested, because I like hearing about how someone contributed to you being the great person that you are. When you enter, I'll get all your names together and do a drawing. So please let me get to know you, stop by and say hello.
My most influential person in my life is my mother. She has always been there for me, bad and good. She would always encourage me not to give up even when I didn't felt like it. Love you mom, and God bless you.
Happy crafting & crocheting everyone
Treasure Ann


fawndear said...

I just found your blog after I saw your comment over at Homemaking Cottage.
I decided to play along. Yes, I agree that the most influential person in my life would have to be my mother but I wanted to talk about my close second.
My sixth child was my hardest pregnancy and after I had her I had early onset Essential Tremor that had me walking with a cane. While I was pregnant with her they said that she would most likely be a Downs baby and had severe heart problems which they pointed out in early ultra-sounds.
Long story short we had a miracle after much prayer and fasting and my little Hope was born perfectly healthy.
Fast forward - after witnessing a miracle in her behalf I knew I couldn't give up when my own health was going downhill. She gave me the Hope to start dreaming and then reach for those dreams. I've since lost 65 lbs, ran a half-marathon and my tremors are only visible in my right hand instead of disabling my entire body.
Hope this wasn't too long.
It's fun to meet new people in the blogging world. I used to homeschool and would love to take it up again with my younger girls. I needed a little break to simplify my home but I hope to return.
Wow, that was long, sorry.
Have a great evening.

Treasure Ann said...

Hi fawndear, I am truly touched by your story. Wow, it inspires me to not give up. Thanks for signing on. I hope to be keeping in touch with you. I guess if your the only one that signed on to play along, you'll be getting the 2 crochet scarf & hat set with the beaded hand-made necklace I made. By the way your story wasn't long, it encouraged me more than anything. Thanks, and you have a great evening to. :)