Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bountiful Treasures New Items

These are my new items I have up for grabs to sell. They are crochet hand-made purses. You can check it out on my business blog at Or to order them, ou can contact me at my e-mail address at
These purses make great for carrying light items and just even going out to a luncheon with the girls.
This purse is super cute with white in the front and the color dusty pink rose color in the back. It's a girly, girly purse when your having tea with your friends.

This is a "let's go mall shopping" purse. With all the shopping bags of your nice purchased items. You don't need a heavy purse to weigh you down. With this purse all you need is a small wallet and great for holding your keys. Easy to get to without all the hassle of running through a bunch of stuff before you can retrieve it.
These purses are great for helping you limit a lot of knick knacks that will weigh your shoulder down. You can look at it as help purse to control all the clutter you would want to pack inside. It works for me because, I'm like that. These purses help me to control "the purse clutter syndrome." Enjoy your day and I'll chat with you all later.
Peace & Love
Treasure Ann


adozeneggs said...

So cute!

Treasure Ann said...

Thank you L. I love making these. Their fun and quick to make.