Monday, February 16, 2009

Yarn Swap & Tasting Party

So today I planned a Yarn Tasting Party with some family & friends. I'm setting up now, and these are a few pictures of what I've done so far. At this special event, we'll be swaping some yarns with each other. Each participant must bring at least 3 yarn that they don't want and swap with someone else. Who knows someone may swap for a color that they couldn't find in some craft stores. Say hello to cotton, she wants to participate in the Yarn Swap & Trading party. She's actually the first guest to arrive. Check out her name (cotton), she'll fit in great. Hehehe, I actually have some cotton yarn that I'm going to swap today.

These are some of the yarn (above picture) that I will be contributing for the yarn tasting. The yarn tasting is sort of like a wine tasting. Trying different flavors of wine. I'm not an expert on wine tasting events, but yarn tasting is sort of like that. To use as an example. We don't eat yarn at a tasting. What we do is try different fibers, and weights of yarn with different kinds of crochet hooks or needles if you will. They are different kinds of sizes of needles and yarns or fibers which is the correct terminology. To learn more about crocheting and what's involve of the life of a crocheter, go to Crochet Guild of America at
These are some of the yarn that we will be trying out.Some goodies I'm working on to give to some of the guests.
I had left over goodies for Valentines, so I thought it would make a good party favor to give. Since it's still February, this favor will fit right in.
Here is one of the many things that I've been working on. I call this Crochet Art, and I named this piece "Childhood Memories". This piece was inspired when I was growing up. My mom would have milk & cookies ready for us when we came home from school. Those were the days, when there were no worries and everything was as is.
Well I gotta go, my guests will be arriving soon and there are more things that I need to work on before we get started.
Have any of you host a yarn tasting or any kind of tasting party or any party for that matter? Were any of you ever invited to a themed party recently? How much fun it is isn't it?
Take care everybody. Chat with you later.
Peace & Love,
Treasure Ann


AndreaLeigh said...

what a great idea for a party!

Treasure Ann said...

Thank you, getting together and having fun. That's what it's all about.

adozeneggs said...

That milk and cookies crochet project is ADORABLE! Love it! So clever and cute.

Treasure Ann said...

Ahhh thank you L. It brought back some memories of my childhood when I was working on it. I'm glad you like it. That's a good reaction to my art work that I love.

Aubrey said...

How neat is that. I've only heard of wine tastings. Not a big fan. LOL
Can't wait to hear how it all turns out!

Treasure Ann said...

Thanks Aubrey, it was a fun day. We all crocheted with different type yarns and tried different stitches with different size needles. Everyone enjoyed it. We had light snacks and even watched tapes and all.