Monday, February 2, 2009

O.K. I'm Curious

Ever since I've been a little girl, I've always been intrigued of where people come from. Well not currently where they are from, but where have their ancestors originated from. I'm fascinated about their background and culture.

Whenever my family and I went out shopping or went traveling, being a curious little kid, I found it interesting and so amazing to hear other people speak in another language of their native tongue. You know being little your world is small, and I was so excited to see and hear other people from another country come to my country. I would hear people speaking in french or spanish, sometimes I didn't even recogonize their language-I was always thrilled to hear them speak. I've always had an interest in other people's background, their ancestry roots and the different kinds of cultures, and practices they had in their families that were a part of their life.

So here's where I get curious, interested and wanna know. Please share with me your family roots, background, culture or if you can trace back where your ancestry heritage originated from.

**I'm really curious though about your ancestry roots and what background race that runs in your veins.**

For the little that I do know, here's my background race that runs in my veins. In the light of what I currently know I'm still researching my background. I want to go back a little further to find out what tradition and practiced cultures that my ancesters have had as part of their life as well as their lifestyles.

O.K. Here we go, again for what little I do know and I am still learning about my family history. From reliable sources, facts and history from the old and wise in my family; I am part African, European and Native American descent. Now I haven't got it down to the details from what tribe in Africa and what specific descent of Europe-(this is only my guess, from stories told and gathered facts of what I heard from my family, my conclusion of specifically of Europe descent of what I may be is possibly Ireland (?).) The other part of me, which is Native American descent-I'm still working on the what tribe part. I hope to get some leeway on those missing pieces, but overall I embrace every part of me, and it's amazing that with all the beautiful parts of me, my ancestrial race, I can see some of the ways of them show up in my life, my career, and my art work, pieces and crafts. I embrace every aspect of who I am and it's wonderful to see how it has helped me appreciate everybody's great differences.

So come on everybody, those of you who are old blog friends, new ones or just someone visiting for the first time. Tell me what's in your blood-so to speak. Tell me about your wonderful background, or where did your great, great great great, great, great, great (well you got the picture) great grandparents originated from. Please share, it just so interesting.

Oh yeah, don't forget, for those who are interested, PBS channel 7 is showing a documentary about tracing one's roots back. The program is called "African American Lives" it airs tonight at 7:00 p.m. and Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is conducting documents and research tracing African-American and Oprah Winfrey's family history. So if you get a chance check it out. I've seen it before and it is very interesting.

So don't forget share, share, share who you are deep down, way back. Have a great day everybody and I'll chat with you all later.

Peace and love,

Treasure Ann


adozeneggs said...

Since you asked, I'm a big part French Canadian. My grandfather had a history of our family printed into a big book. When I first saw it, it wasn't too interesting to me, just a bunch of names and nothing else. My Dad's family is all French/Canadian.
My maternal grandparents, I didn't spent as much time with, but they were Irish, and I'm just not sure what else.
As for their occupations, one of my grandfather's was a city mechanic and my grandmother was a stay at home mom and a baker. My other grandfather was in the military and was in WW2, my grandmother worked at the px in Boston, my great grandfather was a baker, and my great grandmother was a pieceworker in a shoe factory, her parents had a dairy farm and another relative had a pig farm. Crazy! I do wish my grandparents were still around.
Dave's ancestry is easy, Dad is a Morello, and mom is a Delaney. Can't get more Italian and Irish than that!!

Treasure Ann said...

Wow, a dozen eggs, how exciting and rich is your history. You know more about your background than I do. I wish I knew that much about mine, but I'm working on it. It's such a treasure to know where you come from and why you are the way you are knowing who you came from.

I see why you love to bake, you got it honest girl. I love that history of your family-I'm excited about it, and I just get excited about anyone's history because you learn so much from it. It's like wisdom unfolded for you to live a successful life by learning what our ancestors have done and experience. It's a lesson lived to help us, so to speak live great lives as they have done.

Thank you so much for sharing. :)

titus2woman said...

AW~I remember answering this and came back to see what everyone had to share! Don't know what happened~it's a fascinating subject to me too! (((((HUGS))))) sandi