Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Valentine's Swap Package Has Arrived

When I heard the horn blew outside, I knew it must be the mail lady. I looked outside my door and yep, it was the mail. Talk about excited when I went out to meet her. She had a nice big package for me. It was my Valentine's Day Swap package. I could hardly wait to open it. This was my first swap that I did and I really enjoyed it. Thank you to Andrea at "My Chichuahua Bites" for hosting it. She paired me with a sweet lady, Aubrey from "The Fam Five" who sent me these lovely gifts.
She had it so nicely wrapped and pretty. I think it's nice to get lovely packages in the mail besides those dreaded bills. Isn't it pretty, very Valentinian. :)
She got all of my favorites. Like my readers say, "it's just like Christmas."

I've been trying my hand at scrapbboking and I love it. I'm pretty crafty fanatic, so I love my scrapbooking paper. I can't wait to get creative with these.

I love anything with nuts in them. It can be peanuts, walnuts, pecan, cashews, etc. Any kind. I love them, and Aubrey hit the nail on the head when she got me "M & M's peanuts. Looovvvve it. OMG, thank you Aubrey!!

Oh, I can't tell you how much I love yarn. Whoo hoo, yay! I have a big stash and I love buying it. I'm always constantly crocheting something. Be it an afghan (blanket), a scarf, hat, pocket books, and lap throws. Crochet is my first love of arts & crafts. So I was very excited about getting these pretties.

By the way, I didn't specify what color I like and yarn to Aubrey, and she actually got the colors that I really favor. In the crochet/knit world we call it varigated yarn. This is a technical term that really says, it's a multi-color yarn. Those colored yarns of that type are my favorites. (I just had to put a little crochet lesson in there girls. :) I guess you can tell how much I love this craft.)

Here is my beautiful card that Aubrey sent me. I have to tell you the title, because it is so sweet. The front of the card says, You're all kinds of sweet! Then it has 3 tiers of a tray with lots of goodies on it. How sweet is that. It fits me, because I like to bake different kinds of sweeties. She sent me a journal, which I love, because I'm a writer and I constantly love to write things and jot things down. I'm going to make this journal, my "aspirations and dreams journal." When I get my dreams accomplished, they'll be a page where I would write down that I completed that particular goal. I think I'll also put in there how I'll go about making my dreams come true. That way I can look back at it and see how I did it. Last but not least, she got me some jewelry beads. I like to make jewelry, so I'll be using those right away.

Thank you so much Aubrey!! I really appreciate my things and I love everyone of them. Thanks for being a great swap partner. Happy Valentines Day!

Who's going out for dinner? Who's having a Valentine's party?

Whatever you do, I'd like to wish my blog friends, visitors, lurkers a Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. Make sure you do some thing fun this weekend and live care free, enjoy life and I want you all to have...

Peace & Love,

Treasure Ann


AndreaLeigh said...

wow, what great loot! i'm so excited to see your goodies. thanks so much for participating in this swap, harriet! I might do an easter swap so keep checking back.

Treasure Ann said...

Thanks Andrea, I'll be looking forward to it.

adozeneggs said...

Looks like you made out well! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

Treasure Ann said...

Thank you girl. It was quiet, but yeah it was a nice Valentine's.