Saturday, February 21, 2009

Food Networks Recipe For Success Top 5

Hi everybody. I've been gone a few days, because I wasn't feeling well. It's good to be back. During my recovery time I watched quite a bit of t.v. One of my favorite network is the Food Network. I love watching recipe for success. In fact, that's how I found one of my blog buddies and I now consider my friend. Big Shout Out To You L. Here are my favorite episodes on "Recipe For Success", which by the way I have collected on video tape. What can I say, they are all an inspiration to me.

Here are the top 5 great shows.5. Ace of Cakes
4. Cake Love
3. Beautiful Sweets
2. Loving Sullivan Cakes
1. A Dozen Eggs
Those are my top 5 favorite Recipe For Success episodes. They have truly been an inspiration to me. To see the owners presevere and never give up, even when it looked difficult, they pulled through. Now these people have successful businesses. I'm trying to work on that, it's a challenge, but I'm not giving up until it becomes successful.
How about you, what are your favorite Food Network t.v. shows? Chat with you all later.
Peace & Love
Treasure Ann


adozeneggs said...

Thank you for the links!
I LOVE Kate Sullivan cakes. Her designs are so simple clean and contemporary, my favorite.
I also love Ace of Cakes, Duff is awesome. (and kind of sexy, must be something about a man who bakes!)

Treasure Ann said...

Yes, Kate Sullivan cakes are awesome. She reminds me of you, sweet and talented. Oh I think Duff is cute too. He trips me out, and I like how he works with his staff. Hey, I love all you guys. :)