Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wholesale Jewelry

Here are the jewelries I'll be wholesaling to a gift shop. There are only 2 items that I am making, and I have to make a lot of it. The necklace below is called "Men of Valor". The price that I sell it for in my shop is $15.00. For the wholesale price, I'm selling it for is $9.00, but I have a minimum order policy in place. Meaning, they would have to buy a minimum of 4 or 5 necklaces. This is so that I can get my money back & a profit. (L if your reading this, let me know if that sounds reasonable. I'm still not sure about the price point and I'm still doing some figuring in my head).
All necklaces aren't going to always have the same style. However, it will be looking like this one in some similar way. The reason for this is because, I'm the custom hand maker of these items, and this is whats going to make every piece authentic and different.

I love the way the brown beads give the black beads a little bit of color, but not over bearing. It really gives the statement for any man wearing it, that they are strong & noble.

Oh I had to throw this in here. This is the beautiful poncho my mother crocheted for me for my birthday. (To see more of these pictures of what I got for my birthday, Christmas and on my trip-scroll down to the post titled Gifts From the Past & Present )
I got a lot of compliments on my birthday trip about my poncho.

My charm bracelets are usually sold at the price of $10.00 in my shop, but for my wholesale price, I'll be selling them for $8.00. It has to be purchase of a minimum of 5.
So I hope I'm price pointing them fairly, and with all the materials, supplies, and beads-not to mention time/labor I would say that's not to bad. But we'll see how my deal with owner works out.

I have a thing about charm bracelets, so I have a lot of these made up. There are no special styles to them, just random-but they are beautiful.

Does anybody have a business out there? If so, what's the name of it? What do you sell? Also what do you think about my price point for wholesale? Is it too much? or too less?

Have a great day, and enjoy living.

Treasure Ann


Jill said...

Wow~ I'm impressed. Your jewels are so cute.

Treasure Ann said...

Ah, thank you Jill. I enjoy putting them together. It's amazing that your hobby can turn into a business.

adozeneggs said...

I've just finished a cocktail and am not able to help you break down the cost right now, but if you can figure out the following: how much does every element of each item cost? How long does it take to make each item? How much do you think your time is worth? I can help you tomorrow, or this weekend. I've had a rather large Bikini Martini, so count on me later!!

Treasure Ann said...

Thanks girl, I'll work on this in the morning. Then I'll post it tomorrow evening or sometime that Saturday.
Thank you so much again. Relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.