Thursday, January 15, 2009

History Being Made Countdown

January 20, 2009-history will be made in the United States of America. I just want to know does anyone have any plans for that day? Or, what plans do you have for Inagauration Night? Is anybody going to an Inaguaration party? Or, are you planning one yourself? Will you be going to a friends house to watch the Inaguaration Ceremony together? What's your plans for that day or night?

What will you be doing to mark this time in history on January 20, 2009. Me, I am planning an Inaguaration dinner for my family to celebrate such a historical event.

Oh by the way, how many of you are going to record the ceremony?

Don't forget to scroll down and view my art work. It's just the beginning of some of my pieces, that I will be showing in an art exhibition-that I will be doing myself in my home. No big stuff or art critic will be there, I'm just doing it for fun, and so my family can view my pieces and see what I've been working on. Some of them will be seeing my work for the first time. I'm excited about that.

Tudalu, until next time.

Peace out


adozeneggs said...

Well, we'll be listening on satellite radio. But, I might sneak in the house to watch a bit on TV, depending on how much work I get done this morning.
And, I tagged you on my blog!!!
I know you love to read so I thought you'd enjoy this one!

Treasure Ann said...

Oh yeah, I know you would be busy making cookies, so being able to listen to it on the radio is good while you work.

Oh, thanks for the tag. I'll come and check it out.