Friday, January 23, 2009

Pets Are A Remedy

When your feeling low at times, your pets tend to sense it or pick it up. My "Pooh Bear", that's his nickname. His real name is Static, is such a sweetheart. He's a big boy, but he helps you to feel better.

He seems to be my picker upper. I love it when he lays his big head on me and he's just waiting to be pat. It's like he's saying, I'm there for you.

My static, even though he belongs to my son, he's mine just as much is part of the family and he's a great addition. Shouts out to static!

What would we do without our loving pets? They are a remedy for feeling low.

How about you, do your pets tend to help you through low times in your life? Do you think or believe that they really sense what your going through, when your sad, happy or whatever emotional state your in at that time? How do you cope with being depressed or discouraged? These answers, in particular the last one will be beneficial to me and others. We have those days sometimes ya know. Somehow, thank God we don't stay in that state of mind.

Have a great day everybody and continue to enjoy every good thing about life.


Aubrey said...

This post touched me! I have always grown up with pets. We adopted a cat from our local humane society about 5 years ago. He is our first Fam Five pet. I love him. Whenever I'm stressed I'll sit and pet him. When I'm sad, I'll cuddle with him. When I feel like vegging out, he'll come lay by me. I don't know what I will do without him. They do something great for our soul, don't they?

Treasure Ann said...

Yes they do Aubrey. I see why people have a saying that pets or dogs are a mans best friend.