Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gifts From The Past & Present

I know Christmas is gone and a New Year has come. Well Christmas is still in our hearts, but the celebrating of the Holiday has past. I want to share with my friends/blog readers some of the things I got. I had a great Christmas and looking for this New Year to be a great one.
I love this body wash. It smells so good. My sister gave me this for Christmas. It's Tone body wash and the scent is Island Mist. So wonderful, and it moisturizes your skin. Thanks J. She also treated me for lunch for my birthday. I have a sweet sister.

O.K. I have a thing for yarn. I'm addicted to it. I love all kind of crafts, but crocheting is my first craft love. I don't know what I'm going to make with this yellow yarn. Maybe a hat and matching scarf set. What do you think?
Oh yeah, I know my computer desk is junkie. Can you tell I'm a business women. Before I started writing this post, I was actually writing out my mission statement for my organization. (Read post below about my plans for my organization). Here's some more yarn I got off my trip. I know, I'm a yarn addict. What can I say? With these yarn I might make my brother a lap throw.

Of course I love books. I got this on my trip to. I like to shop on the discount table at Books A Million. This is a 40 day devotion about living in God's Blessing. It was only $5.97, great deal isn't it? I haven't started reading it yet, but I will tonight. I'm also a book addict. I buy books before I even finish the current one I'm reading. I guess you can say I collect books. However, I do eventually get to the ones I have already bought. This book is by the author, Rebecca Barlow Jordan. I believe it's going to be a great read.

Here's my birthday gift that my mother crocheted for me. She made me a poncho. She surprised me with this. I wore this on my trip. I got plenty of compliments about it. I was so proud and was glad to brag that my mother crocheted it for me.

My teenage son, surprised me with this elegant gift for Christmas. He got me a bath set. It included a soap, bath fizzies, lotion, shower gel and a sponge. I loved it. The fragrant is Freesia. It's very light and soft.

My brother got me a cherry blossom butter cream lotion and body spray. Oh my goodness, it smells so good. I guess you know I like sweet stuff. My brother and son caught on to that. They did good, getting the things I like. You know, with men-sometimes they don't always get it right. Well, my son & brother did pretty good.

I like trying new things, and my father knows it. He got me a Calligraphy set. I've always wanted to learn calligraphy and now this year, I undoubtedly will. Can't wait either. I'll be reading through the book tonight. Yay!! I'm excited about that.

Well that's some of the things I got for Christmas and my birthday. Last year was great, but I know 2009 is going to be even better.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the highlight of my trip was that I met 2 war veterans. One was a Korean war veteran and the other was a Vietnamese war veteran. I tell you, it was a pleasure and an honor to have met these men. Also I met a sweet lady that I just had to tell her to be blessed. Her response to me was, "you made my day". I treasure those moments. I probably will not see these people again, but for a short while they made a lasting impression on me. I hope I can do the same for someone else. I think that's the best gift to give. Making a good impression that will touch someone's life, a gift that will last a lifetime. Take care everybody, go out and give a good gift that will last a lifetime.
Here's a poem to you from me, be inspired good people and good friends:
2008 was great,
I learned a lot in that year,
which makes life even more clear.
Sometimes it was hard and it was a test,
But through the trials, it helped me to be the best.
So now I look to 2009,
for even greater things, this I'm inclined.
To have the best and blessed year,
Living in courage and not fear.
Knowing that things are going to be right and true,
With opportunities and things to come that's already due.
It's the time for no doors to be shut, and nothing hindered,
No more bad things will linger.
In 2009 there is only success to look forward to,
That means, blessings are coming to you and you and you!!!
Enjoy your New Year and life,
Treasure Ann.

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