Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by A Dozen Eggs www.adozeneggs.com/wordpress. Here are the Rules of Engagement:

~Grab the nearest book.
~Open the book to page 56
~Find the 5th sentence.
~Post the text of the next 2 to 5 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
~Don't did for your favorite book, the cool book or pick the intellectual one; pick the closest.

O.K. heres, the text of the nearest book I found next to me:

"Bupluerum has been an important herb in Chinese folk medicine for over 2000 years. It was first used to treat fevers including malaria and blackwater fever. In today's folk medicine it is used to treat stress conditions. These conditions are known in Chinese philosophy as excessive wood disorders. They often involve an overtaxed liver and gall bladder."

Well, that was the nearest book ya'll. It's actually one of my school books that I'm using to study for my Certification in being a Health Specialist.

I tag 5 wonderful people for this interesting assignment, and they are:

*Jill at http://www.peeptoepumpsandpearls.blogspot.com/
*Andi at http://www.andibeads.blogspot.com/
*Lulu & Charlie at http://www.nixonsleeves.blogspot.com/
* http://www.bakeat350.blogspot.com/
* www.stuffbytoni.com/wordpress

Have a great Inaguration Day everybody. I'm going to finish my simple from scratch yellow cake, and I'm going to make lemon cream cheese frosting to go with it. Again I like lemon, so whatever suits your fancy what flavor you put in your cookies or frosting. Have a good day. :)


Aubrey said...

Hi! Just your Valentine's Day swap partner here! I'm coming to take a look around. Hope you have a posting of that yummy lemon cream cheese frosting somewhere! LOL

Jill said...

Thanks for the tag. I haven't had much to post about lately! I'm doing this tonight.

Treasure Ann said...

Hi Aubrey, it's amazing that you asked, I'm just about to post the cake in a few minutes.

Treasure Ann said...

Oh your welcome Jill, it's a fun tag.

Bridget said...

Thanks for tagging me!!! We'll see if I can actually manage to do this one! LOL!

Your cake above sounds great!

adozeneggs said...

Wow, an Herbal Specialist??
You're quite the busy gal!!
Thanks for participating.

Treasure Ann said...

Thanks Bridget, the cake was to simple. Maybe I'll try a challenging one next time. I hope you get to do the tag, it really is fun.

Well adozeneggs,it hasn't been easy doing this course. It requires so much reading. While I like reading, this one takes the cake. Thanks for including me in the tag, I had fun with it.

Andi said...

It would be a Barbara Walker knitting pattern LOL. My Gran used to make me colored cakes for my birthday, your cake reminds me of that. :)

Treasure Ann said...

Ahhh, thanks Andi-that is an honor, because we know grandmothers can really bake and cook. :)