Monday, January 12, 2009

Reality Show Review

O.K. remember I told ya'll I'm a reality t.v. junkie. Well my latest fave is "Momma's Boys", which comes on every Monday night at 8:00 p.m. on NBC.

I think all the momma's boys are sweet, but I do have a favorite. No, it's not Rob. Although he is cute, and I think he is an adorable person.

Hello. Yep, it's Michael. Well gosh, let's face it, he is handsome. Not only that-he's a paramedic or I think he works as an EMS. Not sure, but he's in some medical field. I think he's a kind person to, oh, but wait let me think about it. He might be a player, just becasue I think he's sauve. Hey, I could be wrong though. Any who, he's still my favorite.

Oh my goodness. I feel sorry for Jojo. His mom doesn't think he's good enough to get married to anybody. If this goes on for the rest of his life regarding his mother thinking no one is good enough-Jojo my boy, you might as well look to live a single life for the rest of your life. Because mama ain't letting you out of her sight.
By the way, Jojo's mother is the one who stated on her video when the show first premiered, that she doesn't like Asians, she said, Blacks-but I refer to the term African American. Of course that really hit home for me. Know what I mean? I don't even know the woman, only from watching t.v. and I took offense to what she said, just as much as the girls that lived in the house. Oh but she didn't stop there, she stated that she don't like Jews. Wow, sounds like she doesn't like anybody. Makes me wonder if she even likes herself. Hopefully this experience will help broaden and widen her opinion and facts about the different races and culture in this world. I hope through this reality show, she will learn something from the girls in the house that come from different walks of life that help her appreciate being different.
Well that's my reality t.v. review. Which of mama's boys do you fave?
Have a good evening everybody and a.


titus2woman said...

I've not heard "The Call" or Regina Spektor~LOVE this playing! Anyway, I LOVE Biggest Loser Australia! I've been watching on YouTube and am TOTALLY addicted!!!!! (((((HUGS))))) sandi~my darling prefers being called black. He says he's never been to Africa and frankly doesn't care to go. Aren't we all so funny? For me, I realize that I am raising children that will encounter experiences I've never been through, and I take that very seriously.

Treasure Ann said...

Thanks Sandi, I love the fact that people can appreciate what other races go through.
By the way that is a good point that your husband made. Ican agree with that. Thanks for appreciating other peoples challenges concerning their color.

Treasure Ann said...

Oh by the way, that also makes you a well rounded person. Thanks for being that.

Treasure Ann said...

I forgot to tell you Sandi about the music The Call by Regina Spektor. I actually heard it from "The Chronicles of Narnia" Prince Caspian. When I heard it, I just has to add it to my blog. I like it very much.

adozeneggs said...

Hmm, I don't watch this show. Is it hosted by that annoying Ryan Seacrest?? Obviously, I'm not a fan of RS. That racist woman sounds like a dolt. I believe we are all one race, the human race, for heaven's sake. People can be so awful.
I listen to Sirius Satellite radio and heard Regina Spektor several years ago. Love her, she has a beautiful voice, I have one of her cd's and love it.

Treasure Ann said...

Yep L your right, the show is produced by Ryan Seacrest. I'm not really a big fan of him either, but I only like the show. It can get crazy up in there with all those women. Some are very sweet though.

I agree with you and I like how you put it, that we are all part of the human race, one race. So true. Yeah, I just fell in love with that song The Call. I've never heard of Regina Spektor until the movie, The Chronicles of Narnia. She does have a beautiful voice.