Sunday, January 4, 2009

Moving On

I'm moving on. Not physically moving that is. I won't be moving yet, physically, but I am moving on with new things in my life. Some people want to stay in the same place in life. Not me. There are things in this new year that I am going to pursue. It's funny how some people would talk about you, try to hold you down {See post below} and little that they know-it actually helps motivate you. It does hurt sometimes when someone close to you talks about you, but you get up from it, dust yourself off and move on. I'm leaving that person in their own little world to talk about me all day long. Really that's all they got, they don't feel good about themselves, so they figure they have to talk about you or put you down to make themselves feel better. The bad part about it is that they don't even know what's going on. So in this person's own little small world-I'm moving on to start building my dreams and goals to a finished product.

I am going to begin writing my book. It's going to be about my life and the mountains I had to climb. I hope this book will be able to encourage people to stick to and follow through with their dreams. My other project that I will be working on is an organization to encourage people to walk in their God-given potential/gift in the world today. I would like to include in my organization to help people who is really in need for food, arts & craft classes for the youth to help develop their mind into believing that they can do any thing. I also want to contribute crochet Prayer Shawls and lap throws to as many people who needs that love and care. That's a small contribution to let someone know "I care", but it's something that I'd like to do.

I'm doing some research on how I should go about planning my organization. I don't know if I should do a 501 c 3 or maybe a Private Foundation. Does anyone have any ideas how I should go about this? All ideas and opinions are appreciated.
Enjoy your New Year everybody.

Enjoy life,
Treasure Ann


adozeneggs said...

Those are some ambitious goals there!
I don't know anything about starting a charitable organization, sorry.
Good luck with all your plans.

Treasure Ann said...

Thanks L, I'll be starting them, but don't know how long It'll take to complete them. The thing is trying to make that first step.