Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday's Circle Time Again

These pictures are in no particular order or have a theme. They are random. Here's a picture of my favorite past time. As many of my reader's no, I love yarn and I love to crochet. Here's my basket of yarn-this is my yarn stash. Did I tell you, I love yarn.

This is an afghan (blanket if you will) that I'm crocheting for myself for the next cold months coming. My grandmother and sister taught me how to crochet when I was a little girl.
The stitches above is called, "aligned shells." It's so easy to make.

Here below is a lap throw I'm working on to sell in my shop. These stitches that I'm Crocheting are called, "Palm Leaves." I love them, I think this is my favorite. I'm trying to stock up on a lot of crocheted lap throws for the winter. People really tend to buy these up in my shop.Right here below is a centerpiece I made to sell in my shop. It can be a centerpiece for a wedding reception or a banquet. I call this art work, "Paradise Garden." It just brings peace and sootheness to mind when you look at it.

These are some of my hand-made jewelry that I make and sell in my store as well. These are going to be sold at my Mother's Day Extraveganza Sale.

Some more necklaces that customers will hopefully buy for Mother's Day. What mother doesn't like jewelry.

Here's my table of goodies set up in the shop. There are a lot of variety things I sell. I make my own natural spa product. In a set I make the bath beads, soap and the lotion to fo with it. Studying Aromatherapy sure does come in handy when adding the fragrances to these spa products. Not only do they smell good, but they are good for you-very health beneficial. Like the Lavendar-it helps one to relax and destress. Who wouldn't love that.
Here's my brother working on our fence. He's so hard at work, he didn't know that I got a picture of him. About ready for the summer.

So what's your favorite past time? And what did you do during the weekend?
Have a Happy Monday everybody, and what happen in your circle?
Peace & Love,
Treasure Ann


Jill said...

You're so creative! Isn't fun to be crafty during free time? Lately, I've been so busy but I love to craft and bake.

Treasure Ann said...

That is my favorite hobby. I love to craft and bake, their both neck and neck. When I'm bored or need some therapy-my dose of baking does the trick.