Sunday, May 3, 2009

Celebrity Survey

Who will be the next Celebrity Apprentice? The delightful, commediene Joan Rivers...

Or, the hard knox, poker player, Annie Duke.

My vote, goes to--drum roll please...that's right...the delightful, always quick on her feet, Joan Rivers. Well I picked her, because I like her. I give Annie her props to now, she is tough, and at this point both women are strong competitive and very smart. So it is hard to guess. It is anyones game. But my vote still goes to Joan.
Who do you think will win? And why? What characteristics stick out about the person you think will win the Celebrity Apprentice?
Peace & Love ya'll
Treasure Ann

1 comment:

Treasure Ann said...

Yay, Joan win!!! I'm so glad, I knew she would. She's a tough 75 year old.