Monday, April 6, 2009

Whats For Dinner? and A Special Surprise!

What's for dinner at your house today? I've decided to fry chicken, fresh cooked broccoli with rice, and of course for dessert, Lemon Cake. Yum, yum. I hadn't had fry chicken for so long, I just had to cook some. Because I starved myself from it for a while, I was greedy and got seconds.

I cooked the broccoli in salt water and added a tsp. of butter. Cooked it to where it was still crunchy. OMG it was delicious. Then the best part I had for dinner was my dessert. It was o.k., but it could have been better (lemon cake). I have to keep working on this cake, so that it would come out better each time. But I heard no complaints from my son, so it must have been good.

Now for my "special surprise."
Looky, looky ya'll. I recieved a fun, exciting and delicious package in the mail recently and it was a treat for me. My good friend L from A Dozen Eggs sent me this wonderful gift. It was a lot of different shapes and colors of sugar cookies. OMG it was sooooo good. I did manage to share some with my son, brother, and niece. I could actually be a hog about it. Thank you, thank you so much L. It really brought a smile to my face as I have been going through and dealing with some challenging things in my life. You don't know how MUCH that meant to me. You are a such a good friend. I really appreciate this thoughtful gift. Oh BTW, I love those chocolate sugar cookies. They taste really good. Thank you sweet L.
To all my blog land friends thanks so much for your support and care. I know I haven't met any of you, but I send out my love to you all. You all are a great group of gals. L, Fawn, Jill, Aubrey, my sis J-everybody who has touched my life in a blessed and caring way. Thank you all.
Now, I still want to know, what did you all had for dinner, I especially want to know about your desserts. Please name the desserts, that's always my favorite.

Toodles everybody until next time.


Jill said...

Oh my lanta... your fried chicken looks SO good. My mouth is watering.

I'm out of town tonight and had the Chili's Blackbean Burger for dinner. I know your dinner was much better than mine. :)

Love the cookies from your friend. They're so pretty.

Treasure Ann said...

Oh I've never been to Chili's, and hadn't had the chance to go. Is the food good there? I know you enjoyed it. I may get around to trying them out at Chili's. Hey what was your dessert? Did you had any? the Blackbean Burger sounds delicious.

Aubrey said...

Oh! Your fried chicken looks to.die.for.


I bought a couple of pork roasts on sale. They were super cheap and lean. I put them in the crock pot with carrots & taters. I'm not much of a cook/chef but the fam said it was good! For dessert? Breyers Ice Cream. Mint Choc Chip for me, Snickers for the Hubby and Waffle Cone for the kiddos!

Treasure Ann said...

That pork roast sounds delicious. Putting it in the crock pot with those carrots & potatoes sounds like heaven. I bet it was tender and juicy to. I love Breyers icecream BTW. That is my favorite things I like to eat together, and it's Chocolate & mint. Of course snickers is my all time childhood favorite candy bar. sounds like you had a great dinner.

adozeneggs said...

Oh, the fried chicken looks amazing!
I love fried chicken, but I don't get to eat it very often.
Tonight I had a pomegranate martini and a bowl of popcorn for dinner!
Not my best work.

Treasure Ann said...

It still sounds great L. I love popcorn myself. That pomegranite martini sounds exotic.