Monday, April 27, 2009

Circle Time

We all remember circle time in school right. Circle time was when we were in grade school and the teacher would have everyone gather in a circle to share a story, a favorite toy, talk about their favorite pet, or even share pictures. Here's some of my pictures I like to share with you. Right here, we're getting ready for the summer. Cleaning up the yard and planting flowers.

Anybody ready for summer picnics? I am, we plan cook outs quite a bit during the summer and I'm gearing up for the upcoming ones we'll be having. This picnic table has many cook outs under it's bench (belt).

Putting up the fence adds more privacy for family gatherings.

More fences, and more clearing away for a nice private backyard barbecue.

I think it's so naturisc. I love it back here, and the scenery just put you in a peaceful mood. It actually stays cool in this area all summer long. Yay, cool summers, thanks to the wonderful trees.

Right here, we're exploring Myrtle Beach. These are some home homes in that area. Beautiful, aren't they?

Here's my son at McDonalds. Getting ready to eat a Big Mac, yum.

Here's one of my creations. It's a crocheted Granny Square purse. I had fun making this.
Last, but not least. This is the beautiful Easter Lily, my father gave me for Easter. Thank you, Dad. You know I loved it.

That's my show and tell. What do you all have to share for Circle time? What plans have any of you conducted lately? Share, share, it's circle time. In any event, have fun while you go forward with your plans and goals. Love, ya'll and peace out.

Peace & Love,

Treasure Ann


Jill said...

I love your show-n-tell. So cute and great idea.

Treasure Ann said...

Thank you Jill. There was so much to tell :)

Aubrey said...

I remember circle time!! I loved all the pictures you shared!
The fence looks nice and I agree about how great it is to have a nice shady spot in the summer!

Treasure Ann said...

Wasn't circle time the best in school? :) No school work to do, just sit-n-listen. Fun times. The fence turned out pretty good, my brother is doing the work on it-thank you.

adozeneggs said...

Love the pictures of your yard. I'm hoping to plant some trees this weekend. Our yard is void of trees and flowers. A big blank space, very overwhelming!!
Oh, except for our fancy new bridge!!

Treasure Ann said...

Thank you. It's good that you have a lot of space for planting-it leaves room for great and creative lanscaping. Oh BTW, I love your new bridge-it's so cute. :)