Friday, March 27, 2009

Hi Everybody

Hi friends, I truly missed you all. How's everything going with ya'll? I hope you all are doing o.k. I've had some speed bumps going on in my life, but things are getting back on track gradually.

I'll be back to tell you all of my adventures of my daily life daily living moments. So good to be back. Shouts out to all of my good friends. Love you L, Fawn, Aubrey and if there is anyone I miss forgive me. Shouts out to you, you all are the best, and your a great bunch of friends.

O.k. Let's get to the serious stuff at hand. What reality shows have you all been keeping up with and the series that are your favorites.

These are the shows and reality show I've been keeping up with:

1. Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump
2. Americas Next Top Model with Tyra Banks
3. The Housewives of New York City.
4.Series: "Lost" That's my fave.
5. Of course the Martha Stewart Show.
6. Oh yeah, The Chopping Block, and...
7. Hell's Kitchen
8. Last but not least-I can't help it, "Survivors"

I'll let ya'll know if there are any add ons. Have a great day everybody.

Peace & Love,
Treasure Ann


fawndear said...

Glad to see you again.

We haven't had regular TV in a couple of years. I used to Love Lost & Survivor & The Amazing Race. Now I go over to a friends once a week to watch the Biggest Loser (cause I'm so obsessed with weight right now).

Don't you think those speed bumps have an amazing way of helping you focus on what is really important as well and knock you silly.

Treasure Ann said...

Oh how true, those speed bumps really do make you think. You know what, I had forgot about Amazing Race. I really love that show too. I use to watch the Biggest Loser every once in a while. It is a great motivator to help you get on the right track about your weight. I'm actually working out myself, not strictly, but gradually. I've lost about 6 lbs. Thanks for coming by for a visit.

Aubrey said...

Good to see you back! Oh how I know how those speed bumps can throw everything off!

My hubby got me into watching Celebrity Apprentice. LOL Other than that, I'm a Dancing with the Stars watcher this season!

Treasure Ann said...

That's another one I had forgotten about. I sometimes would watch Dancing With The Stars. It's really kinda fun to see celebrities do something other than there usual job. Thanks to, it's great to be back.

Jill said...

Hey Ms. Treasure Ann,

I've been thinking about you lately and wondering where you've been. I'm glad you're back and I hope everything is okay!

I love the Celebrity Apprentice too. It's so funny. I can't believe more people don't watch it. I've just started watching the Real Housewives of NYC. I still like the Orange County girls better but NYC is pretty good.

Hope you're doing well. We've missed you in blogland.


Treasure Ann said...

Ah, thank you Jill. I've really missed ya'll. You all are the best of friends any girl can ask for.