Saturday, April 18, 2009

Health Specialist Consultant-Me & Health Info.

I'm studying to become a Certified Health Specialist, and I have been asked by a Vitamin Shoppe employee to do some consulting at their health fair this Saturday. My courses include Nutritional Herbology, Nutritional Supplements, Aromatherapy and so forth. It's an exciting program, and I've already finished one course. I'm happy to say, that I got an "A" in my Nutritional Herbology course, yay. I still got a few more courses to go, but it's worth it. Can't wait to graduate.

Have any of you ever shop at Vitamin Shoppe? or GNC, I love their products.
I'm also curious about how do any of you feel about prescription drugs vs. Natural Alternative medicine.

Here's an experience I've had: I was taking some antibiotics for a UTI and the first prescription wasn't doing me any good. The doctors prescribed a stronger drug, still didn't help all of sudden people, I was already on 4 different antibiotics. They still didn't help. The antibiotics was covering the symptoms but not the source of my health problem. My mother you know from the old school and studied about herbs and nutritional supplements told me to take probiotic Whlie the antibiotic was killing the bad bacteria in my body, it was also killing out my good ones to, thus making me sicker. The probiotic has live good bacteria, and by taking that I was putting good bacteria in my body, thus fighting off the and killing the bad ones. I also needed a good cleansing and detox. I've since then recover and thank God has not had another UTI flare up.

For more information on Natural Alternative medicine and information of herbs, nutritional supplement, and aromatherapy go here:

Stay Healthy everybody, I'm trying to work on my health-it's not easy, but again, it's worth it.

Peace & Love everybody,

Treasure Ann

Hey everybody, Ive been asked to do some health consulting at my local Vitamin Shoppe-this Saturday.


Jill said...

How exciting! I wish you were speaking in my city. I would be there.

I don't know a lot about natural medicines. My OBGYN wanted me to take Primrose Oil for some swelling I was having. I didn't believe that it would work and didn't take it for a couple of years. One day I noticed it at the store and bought it. Guess what, it worked!!! I was really amazed.

Treasure Ann said...

Oh I wish you could be there Jill. It would be exciting to see you. Natural Alternative medicines rarely have any side effects. Sometimes it may take a while to see the results for some, but it does work. Prescription drugs are quick fixes. I'm glad that we have medical doctors, and it is good to get a regular check-up. If there is anything found or diagnose, at least by alternative medicine, you can treat not only the symptom but also get to the root of the problem and get rid of it for good. It's so many things that alternative medicine can do without leaving you even sicker from side effects. It's really interesting and there is so much to learn. Thanks for commenting on this subject Jill. The more I learn about natural alternative methods and what our government and pharmaceutical companies are doing will shock you. Do you know that (source: HealthKeepers Magazine, volume 11 issue 1) pharmaceutical companies actually still approve unsafe drugs to be put on the market even after their own medical reviewers deem it too unsafe for use. Shocking!!! It all boils down to money. The more I learn about this of our government in the prescription drugs topic makes me more passionate about getting the word out for people to take good care of their health and try at least natural alternative with no side effects and see if it works before prescription drugs are used. Just see the results and how the outcome of good health will be evident to you. Thanks for your input Jill, you saw how the primrose oil actually worked. You gotta good OBGYN to prescribe that to you. Most doctors don't even want to think about natural alternative medicine-some don't even know about such things as herbs and nutritional supplement.