Saturday, April 11, 2009

On The Eve of Easter

This is what I've been doing on the eve of Easter Sunday. I baked a chocolate sheet cake with vanilla frosting, walnuts and coconut spread on the top. I had to cut a few pieces and tasted it. It was so good, my son liked it pretty much as well. Easter egg coloring time. A tradition I held since I was a little girl. Never missed a year coloring eggs. My little niece us usually my little helper, but she had other plan with her friends. so I was alone to do this job. Don't worry-it wasn't hard, I enjoy doing this every year.

When the eggs are all colored and done, I usually put together an Easter basket for everyone in my family. I add little knick knack things like small minature Easter snicker candy and a few other treats.
Aren't these eggs colorful. The pink one is my favorite.

I wanted to throw this picture in. She's my little niece puppy. Her name is Princess. Boy oh boy, she looks innocent in this picture, but she is a handful and very tricky. But she is sweet.

My other tradition that I do on the Easter holiday is watch the, "The Ten Commandments," which comes on every year for Easter. I'm watching it while I color the eggs. I'm having fun. Have a great Easter and Spring break everybody. Enjoy the wonderful nature that God has blessed us with especially the wonderful colorful flowers that adorns our planet with it's beauty.
Peace & Love Everybody.
Treasure Ann


titus2woman said...

It really has been a long time, and I was SO DELIGHTED to hear from you! Will be praying for your Dad. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Treasure Ann said...

Thank you so much Sandi. I really appreciate it. Blessings to you.

adozeneggs said...

Princess is super cute.
I wish I was able to color eggs this year, but we were too busy.
Yours look great! Hope you had a great Easter.
I promise to be a better blogger!!

Treasure Ann said...

Thank you, Princess is a handful though. :) I love coloring eggs, it's almost a tradition now with me, my son has gotten to grown up to color eggs with me now. Easter was great and I think you are a good blogger. I understand how it is when your busy. Busy is good though. That means your doing something worth while.

Aubrey said...

How great is the Ten Commandments?!?! I would watch it with my parents each year around Easter!