Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh Yeah

I almost forgot, these are some of the baked goods that I will be baking to give as gifts. The baked goods will be the last of my Christmas gift giving. I will be baking some Fruit Cake Bars, and Pecan-Pie Cookies. I've been making these for the past 4 years and have giving them out for Christmas gifts. People seem to really love them, so I keep making them.

The Fruit Cake Bars will be a different recipe I'll be trying this year. A lot of people I know and in my family really loves Fruit Cake, so some of them will be getting those.

Oh yeah, let me say to my brother Happy Birthday, and may you have many blessed more. My brother loves dogs so this fitting for him.
O. K. back to the baking. The other baked goods that I may be baking, which is kinda of iffy. Gingerbread boys and girls or I may make some chocolate covered peanuts. I haven't decided yet which one I will do. These will be Christmas favors to give out to guests when they get ready to leave after visiting. So what are you all baking as Christmas gifts? Is it a traditional recipe, or a different one? Get those recipes ready though ladies, we only have 7 days until Christmas. enjoy your Holidays and have lots of fun baking, making, and buying your gifts while you take time with your family.

Here's a tidbit of information about me that you didn't know. I have lots to celebrate every year in December. My siblings will be getting a baked goods as a birthday gift from me. They always love it. Here's the tidbit:
My brother, sister and I were all born in December. What are the odds right? My birthday is December 29th, I'm planning on something special for it to. How exciting, I can't wait. I'll fill you in what happen and the all the fun festivities that took place.

Merry Christmas,
Treasure Ann

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