Thursday, December 25, 2008

What I Got For Christmas

Hi everybody, and Merry Christmas!!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas day today. Enjoying your delicious dinner, family, friends, drinking egg nog, and unwrapping those nice Christmas presents. Here's what I unwrapped for my Christmas gifts: My mom & dad got me a nice outfit, very pretty and a gift card of a pretty nice amount on it. Yay, I love that. My son got me a bath & beauty set, which I love, he surprised me with that one. Oh yeah I almost forgot, my father got me a calligraphy kit, and some cookie decorating and baking things. My daddy loves me. Of course you may not know that I am a daddy's girl. He knows that I like trying new things, so that calligraphy set is right up my alley. I also got myself the movie "This Christmas", and "Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian", and my parents got the movie "Batman the Dark Night". We are going to have a pretty busy movie night watching all those movies. I can't wait, I'm so excited. So today I had a great time. My sister and brother and their families came over and it was a pretty full house. No snow was no where in sight. It was actually about 71 degrees today in S.C. My mother says that we probably will get snow sometime in January.
As always I'm going to miss Christmas, ever since I was a little girl. So now I console myself with the fact that I have a whole year to look forward to it again. I will begin getting my gifts together for Christmas 2009, starting after the 3rd week in January. That way, I'll difinitely have a head start on my gift giving. How smart is that, right?
My birthday Is this Monday coming, and I look forward to celebrating it. My one request, and there are others, but this particular one is really simple. I'd like to eat breakfast at IHOP. What a wonderful place, the food there is really great.
So that's what I got for Christmas, and I appreciate every bit of it. I can truly say this was a great day for me. In our daily life and daily living, rememer to have fun, don't worry about things we cannot change, but just go with the flow and live in freedom and peace, let's look forward to doing that for the coming year. That's what life is really all about. -For the soldiers who are away from their families this Christmas, I hope you have had a blessed Christmas.- "I am praying for you my soldiers, I am praying for you my brothers & sisters, I am praying for you my sons & daughters, I am praying for you my moms & dads: May the Lord protect you and comfort you throughout everyday of your life, I pray that the Lord will bring you home safely where you belong. We love you, and thank God for you and what you are sacraficing for your country. I can not repay you for eveything you have given up, but I can repay you with something-I can repay with a prayer. May God always be with you and His angels to protect you. God bless you men & women of honor-hurry home."

Everyone and may you all have a blessed and prosperous New Year. In everything we do, let us give thanks to God.
So that is everything I got for Christmas, including the most important gift of all, Jesus-the Son of God.

What did you get for Christmas? I hope you all had a Merry day.
Treasure Ann


fawndear said...

I got some crochet hooks and yarn so I can try and pick up those long burried skills.

I can't wait to try.

So glad you had a Merry Christmas!

Jill said...

I just love this post. I love how you are always thankful to Jesus in your everyday life. I'm so glad you had a great Christmas with your family.

Treasure Ann said...

Oh wow Fawn Dear, that is great, I always like it when someone gives me some yarn and needles. My yarn statsh is so big, I'm going to need another room just only for my yarn.

...And thank you Jill, I'm glad you like my post. I share it with you blogger friends with love. Talk about post, I love yours as well. I enjoy reading your blog, you always have something intresting and fun to share with your readers.

Enjoy your upcoming New Years and the Holidays that follow girls. Take care.