Thursday, June 5, 2008

Products and Prices of Bountiful Treasures

*There is a non-refundable 1/2 down deposit on all afghans and lap **lap throws upon ordering before project can be worked on. Thank you

*Please allow at least 2 to 3 months for finished product.

Crochet Items:
~Long width Afghan/for men & women $75.00
~Lap Throw for man & women $55.00
~Granny square afghan $70.00
~Scarf's $10.00
~Crochet Hand bag $$10.00

Gift Baskets:
~Crochet Kit Gift Basket $20.00 (Includes 1 yarn, 1 crochet hook {needle}, and crochet instructions).
~Bath & Body gift Basket $25.00 (Includes home-made soap, bath salt, bubble bath & crocheted wash cloth). Comes in these fragrance: Lavendar, Sweet orange, Rose, & Cucumber Melon.
~Gift Basket Deluxe $50.00 (Includes entire bath & body set, crochet wash cloth, & jewelry set)
**(Keep in mind every one of these products, & materials are especially handmade)

Bath Products:
-Individual Soaps are *$3.00 each
-Individual Bath salts are $5.00 each (3 oz.)
-Individual wash cloths are $2.00 each
-Individual bubble bath are $5.00 (3 oz.)----$7.00 (8 oz.)
-Natural Shampoo are $5.00 small bottle---$6.00 medium bottle---$7.00 large

*Effective as of June 13, 2008/Soaps will be $3.50. Soaps marked 8-612-08, the original price of $3.00 will be still in effective. Soap bars that doesn't have that mark will be the price of $3.50. Thank you

Services Offered:
~Crochet Classes: 4 day's only on Saturday's in these month's Jan., Sept., Feb., & Mar. Classes are $15.00 registration & $10.00 for additional 3 classes. Classes are 4-6 p.m.
~Notary Public $5.00

*~Prices and products are subject to change.
*If any changes occur, I will update as it comes.
Thank you.
Harriett at Bountiful Treasures
AKA Treasure Ann

"Bountiful Treasures is a business where we like to help you create memories of love and creativity."

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