Friday, June 6, 2008

Bountiful Treasures Price List

*Note: There is a non-refundable 1/2 down payment required before afghans and lap throws can be worked on upon ordering. Allow at least 2 to 3 months for afghans to be finished-these items do take time, thank you for your patients. :)

Crochet Products:
1.Long width afghans for men & women $75.00
2. Lap throws for men & women $55.00
3. Granny Square lap throw $60.00
4. Scarf's $10.00

*All products are made out of natural products.

Bath Products:
1. Soaps (lavendar, Sweet Orange,Rose, and Eucalyptus essential oil& fragrance) Eucalyptus soaps are only for colds as well as the bath salt with Tea Tree oil is for soaking your sore feet and helps with toe nail fungus) $3.50 each
2. Bath Salt $5.00 (3 oz. bottle)
3. Bubble Bath $3.00 3 oz. $7.00 8 oz.
4. Pine Soap is alo available for men.
~These soaps are made with most natural products. Ingredients in the soaps, bubble bath, & bath salts basically are; grapeseed, & almond essential oil along with the fragrance essential oil mentioned at the top, and vitamin E.
```**Special Note at the end of this e-catalog.

Gift Baskets:
1.Gift Basket Deluxe ( bath & body set, crochet wash cloth & jewelry set) $55.00
2. Crochet kit gift basket (1 roll of yarn, 1 crochet hook, crochet instructions) $20.00

$8.00 necklaces
$4.00 earrings

Services Offered:
1.Crochet classes, 4 day's on Saturday's of these months Jan., Feb., Mar., & Sept. (Time subject to change). $15.00 registration fee, $10.00 for the 3 additional classes or total of $45.00. *Registration fee is non-refundable. If there isn't enough people less than 3 in a class 2 weeks in, only then registration fee will be refunded. If you cancel & classes are more than 3-fee can not be given back. Thank you.
2. Notary Public $5.00

```**Candles will be available soon in the future from Bountiful Treasures. Keep a close ear near, wwe will keep you informed when we have a stock of the to sell.

*Prices & Products are subject to change.

Thank you for visiting at Bountiful business, c/o Bountiful Treasures.

If you have an order or questions, my customers know me but for other's that don't leave a comment as your order along with your e-mail, and I'll get back with you as soon as I can.

Thank you,

Harriett @ Bountiful Treasures/Owner

AKA Treasure Ann

Happy crocheting & crafting

*I will update as changes occur at Bountiful Treasures. Thanks again fellow crafters.

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