Thursday, June 5, 2008

How To Throw A Craft Party

Hello fellow crafters. Last time we talked about how to take time out for ourselves. Here's how to get together with other crafters and enjoy good fellowship. I'm not claiming to be an expert on the whole subject, so here's a website to go to. This will get you motivated and moving to plan your own craft party. Remember it can be a party relating to any craft. For example: You can have a crochet party (Of course I'm partial to that), knitting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, finger painting, etc. the sky's the limit. O.K. Here are some websites and links you can hook up to in order to get more information.,,,, and when you do a search on the internet-type in "How to throw a Knitting party" and the information should come up through the eSSORTMENT website. Also check out how to plan a Craft Retreat if your ready for a big task at This is also my favorite website I check out all the time and it's baskets of yarn. It's a yarn store in Charlotte, N.C. They are also taking applications for a craft retreat this coming March of 2009. Check out that website. It's great and they also offer classes and great discounts and savings on yarn. There products also make great gifts, especially for a fellow crocheter and knitter. Also to get your juices of creativity flowing for you crocheter's and knitters, check out Lion Brand's Podcast. They give you great tips for yarn crafting and free patterns. So try them out and when you do, leave them a comment that you found out about their podcast from visiting my blog. I'd really appreciate that-thanks. But really I love to get their newsletter and listen to their podcasts, they really motivate you to try something new, motivate you to be creative and I just find it relaxing to get a cup of tea and enjoy tuning in while crocheting. They also have a Lion Brand Notebook that gives you details about their company and the staff. So try all of those websites and search out. You'll enjoy it and you won't regret it. Thanks for visiting my blog. Next time I'll have my list of products and prices of them that I sell in my business. A retail business, called Bountiful Treasures. Until next time,
Happy crocheting and crafting.
Treasure Ann

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Treasure Ann said...

Love the idea of throwing a party.